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Hi all my name is Dominique.. I have a question for all of the MAC employees.. how long did it take for you to finally become an employee..meaning how many times did you have to interview.. were you ever turned down but just kept interviewing and finally got ??

I know its alot of questions but I interviewed last summer for freelance and didnt get in.. which was understandable because freelancers need to be strong and know their ish!!! lol.. and at that point i was fresh to the makeup world. but just for the record my model looked fierce after I was done!!!
th_DANCE.gif was a good experience.. but since then ive been freelancing for myself doing fashions shows @ my college and other side work..
I applied like 3 weeks ago.. again.. cuz of one the artists told me I should apply again because alot of girls were leaving.. and guess what they havent called me!!! AHHHHHHHH.. so frustrated.. but all is well i guess I have alot on my plate right now..

SOOOO.. is anyone in my position.. or has anyone else been there?? I hope the next time I apply Ill have some pics in my port..
MAC employees.. does a portfolio help?? lol..


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i applied to 2 different locations, on 2 different days in the same week. I interviewed a total of 2 times and had 1 demo. however! i had to wait nearly 2 months before they offered me a position because my interviews hit right as the hiring freeze happened.

the more i read and the more i talk with my fellow employees, everyone has a very different story. a friend that i work with now was a waitress at a restaurant and one night her table was filled with people from the mac store short hills and they told her to come apply, even though she had zero make up experience & she got the job! and most of the time i know the store likes to hire from the counter because they consider it a promotion. but it's different for everyone! another girl i work with applied 7 times before she got hired! it was 7 times over a course of a few years but still thats alot!

i feel & of course this is from my experience and what people have shared with me, is to call & make yourself known! of course don't be over the top and annoying but let who ever you turned that application in know your interested and if they don't response try other locations. i first interviewed at one location and then got hired at another location. (long story, i made a post about it awhile back) so you never know! keep trying and it will happen if its what you really desire! good luck!


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For freelance it took me two shots. I think the reason why I didn't get it the first time the eye shadow application wasn't great nor did I take the time to explain what I was doing and the products I was using with the 'customer.'


I just got hired. For the position at my counter it took me 2 tries as well. But within a five months I pretty much applied to every MAC counter in my area (a total of 10 times and 4 Just keep trying! It will come through I promise! And to show persistance to the counter/store your interested in is good...


cre8_yourself: what store/mall did you apply at? I just turned in my resume at the MAC counter at Willowbrook, it's only been two day but I figure after day 3 I will call. They said they were"accepting resumes" but who knows really what that meant since most places will always accept them! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and good luck to you!


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Read my story - "Interviewing for MAC - my story" It all happended within a few months for me.
Good Luck!


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The hiring process takes a suprisingly long time for MAC.

I applied twice. First time the manager called to say she wasn't going to do interviews and she was going to give the extra holiday hours to the current employees.

THe second time I got a call within a couple days of turning in my application. Then interviewed with another counter manager because ours was out sick. And a couple days later I set up a demo. And then a couple days after that was offered a position. But it literally took a month before I started actually working.

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