MAC Fashion Cares 2005........


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Hey everyone, I just found out that they announced the MAC viva glam fashion cares for this year. I have never had the chance to make it to Toronto to see it, but I will be going for sure this year. I inluded a link where you can see some really nice makeup pics from their Bollywood Cowboy theme.
Also has anyone in Canada ever been to one of these events? You can even email them to become a volunteer! how fun would that be!!!


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Its like a big crazy fashion show that mac puts on every year. and they usually have celebs hosting, and amazing music groups playing. its just a really wild fashion show. Its only In Canada though, thats probably why you havent heard of it.


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yes, i went to the very first one over 10 years ago.

i even got to meet RuPaul!


it was great fun... i wore a black silk velvet dress from the 1930s that had a medium-high square neck at the front and a lower back. i paired it with white silk opera gloves, big rhinestone earrings and a classic Rita Hayworth-inspired hair style.

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