"MAC foundations suck!"


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The thread title aren't my words, however I was looking for some info on another cosmetics board site on some MAC foundations, and that was one of the responses I got, with a lot of people agreeing.

Is this the general consensus?

I have to admit, I'm a total MAC foundation virign. I'm a total MAC whore when it comes to their pigments, lipsticks, glosses, MSF's etc.. but when it comes to their foundation, I can't say I've ever tried them.

The main reason for this is that I find their lightest shades like NW15 and NC15 too yellow on me so I usually go to Lancome, or Laura Mercier for foundation.

However, I've come across people dismissing MAC's foundations all the time. Are they really that bad, or what is it about them that doesn't appeal to people?

I actually really want to try a MAC foundation, however over here in Ireland MAC foundation is *pricey* like $80! Sooo.. I don't wanna waste my money on something I won't like/can't wear. But on saying that I'm totally lemming one of their compacts like their Moistureblend - but I also wanna try out their Mineralize Loose Foundation - which would be best for dry skin? And which is paler, I keep reading that the Mineralize Loose runs darker?

Would love to hear everyone's comments on the various MAC foundations. Why you like/dislike them, or what brands do you favour over MAC when it comes to foundation?

Thanks peeps!


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I use MAC foundations religiously, but I think foundation is a really personal thing and whats right for someone can be completely wrong for another. I use MACs studio fix fluid in NC15, and also I use the Studio Fix Powder in NC15, I really love them and I think they are great quality. I also use MACs concealers as well.

Id say, figure out what your needs are in a foundation?

Do you like a matte look? If so, try studio fix (powder or fluid depending on which is your choice)
Do you lile a dewy look? try mineralize satinfinish, etc etc etc.

Talk to the MAC artists about what your needs are as far as coverage (light - heavy), what look you like (matte or dewy), and whether you want powder or liquid, then they can match you up to the foundation they think is best suited for you. Then, get a sample and try it out, if youre sold on it then go and buy it

in my opinion, mac foundations are great, but a lot of companys make good foundations.


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So far MAC foundations are a miss for me. I've only tried Mineralize Satinfinish & studio stick and both just don't agree with my skin type. Im considering trying the Mineralize loose foundation to see how I go with that before I write them off completely.


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I really like Face & Body foundation. To me, it's pretty much the best quality and most cost-effective of the MAC foundations. It comes in a large squeeze-y bottle that is hygenic, much larger than the usual 30ml size bottles that foundations usually come in. It also never breaks me out.


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I don't like mac's foundations, they really disagree with my skin.
But it's different for everyone, so if you are curious i'd try one out.


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Like another poster, I have studio fix fluid in nw15 and studio fix powder in nw20. I really like both of these foundations. I use the fluid and then set it with powder and I was really surprised because it gave me really good coverage but when i touched my face it still felt light and not like i had much makeup on. i have fairly dry skin and could never wear powder by itself because it made my face feel all tight, but i if i'm going nowhere special i just use the powder on its own. still gives great coverage and i don't get that tight feeling as with other powders.
studio fix might run a LITTLE dark. i'm fairly pale and the nw15 is more of a summer colour for me.


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foundations are pricey here in turkey as well, but mac gives samples for liquid foundations. so far i tried satinfinish, hyper real and i'm gonna try face and body. it's a good way to find out how your skin reacts, how long it lasts and how well is the coverage. so when you buy it, you know what your paying for.


I bought my first MAC foundation when on holiday in Florida last year and the makeup artist matched me to NW15 in Studio Fix Fluid but it is way too dark for me. I'm very pale (Scottish red-head!) and would always look really strange with it on - with a pale white neck and tanned face!

I switched to Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation in Porcelain and it matches me perfectly. I like the coverage it gives - I would say its "thinner" than the Studio Fix Fluid and I think goes on better. I also have very dry skin and have found my skin is probably got better as I have been using this. Oh and its got quite a nice scent to it too!

I probably should have tried some other types of MAC foundation before jumping ship as far as their foundations are concerned - I was just frustrated with there not really being a colour light enough

If you ask me this sounds like the perfect reason to take a tour of some makeup counters trying out all the different foundations till you find one you like


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The few times I have used foundation MAC seems to be the one I like the most, but I barley ever use it, so I am a bad judge...


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like said above, it is a personal thing. and I personally dont like them, I find mac foundation to be a little bit to heavy and it after a while it settles into the pores and lines within my face.

I've tried quite a few different ones from mac and other brands, the one that I'm loving at the moment is from Dior.

but I would try before you buy, ask for a sample so you can see how it sets on your skin and how you like it before hand.


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i like mac foundations. i use the liquid mineralize satinfinish foundation everyday and i haven't had any problems with it.


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These are my favorite foundations:
Mac Studio tech
Laura Mercier oil free
MUFE matte
*I also heard Awake is really nice too. I must try it.

Simply Elegant

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I've tried studio fix fluid and I like it but I've used better. I really would recommend samples first though to see what's best.


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I've been using MAC foundation for years. First Select SPF 15 liquid, then Studio Fix Fluid and now Mineralize Satinfinish. I prefer their liquid foundations and not the kind in the compact, I guess it's cream-to-powder, right?

To each their own, but I love my face by MAC!


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The only one I've tried is Hyper Real. I used it three years ago, when I was like 14, and first getting into MAC. I threw it away in a clean-up a year ago. I wasn't really attentive to specifics when it came to makeup when I was 14 so I can't give a good review on it. However, I've read from non-MAC addicts that they think that the foundation is too heavy. I'd say go get some samples and then buy because foundation is something that's just a trial-and-error type thing. It's pretty hard to judge foundation from other resources besides yourself! good luck


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I dont like MAC foundations either. I have a horrible problem with like an oxidation reaction where everything turns a horrible ORANGE on my skin..... MAC foundations for me a no different. I tried an EL one and the coverage was average but it settled horribly, the Chanel one was gorgeous but made my skin break out within hours and it took a week to clear up. I only use Shiseido foundation now and have no trouble with it
But like the other posters have said - foundations are a personal thing, you are really going to have to try for yourself to see what works.


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Thanks for all the advice guys!

WellI took your advice and asked for one or two samples of just Face and Body Foundation in N1 and N2 to which I was flat out refused and almost treated with contempt with for asking about.. sooo.. I think I'll be staying clear of MAC when it comes to foundation purchases for the time being now.

Full story here:

Think I'm gonna go for MUFE's Face and Body Foundation now instead!


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i find my colouring isnt just right for mac - but ive found a match in chanel's teint innocence. foundation is a horrible thing to shop for until you find the perfect match! dont give up! lol


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I agree about personal preference. MAC seems to be really too thick for me. Chanel's Teint Fluide Universel was perfect for me until they decided to discontinue it.
I'm still trying to find the perfect one for my skin. But, I wouldn't say that MAC foundations "suck". It just depends on what coverage you like.


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I don't think that MAC foundations "suck" but I think that other companies have better formulations. That being said I do really like Studio Fluid Fix coverage but I can never seem to find a shade that is just right for my fair skin. I have had good luck with Chanel, MUFE, Dior, and Clinique foundations. I have to say that even though I have tried numerous times I am not a big fan of mineral foundation.

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