MAC Glow Play Blush Collection (Feb, 2020)


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Does anyone know the release date for Germany/Europe? I asked MAC on IG but so far no reply.
German blogs and beauty sites used to post promo info all the time, but that seems to have died down.


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It has been up on that Scandinavian site I mentoined earlier for about a week or so. I missed out on So Natural that was sold out first so I have not ordered anything. I have not seen it elsewhere.


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$30 is a lot for a product that's going to have a lot shorter shelf life than a powder blush. Would anybody really use it up before it gets dried out?

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Blush, Please and So Natural are mine ;)
SO is delicate and really looks similar to Warm Soul.
BP is more intense, mauve. It gives a specific blush.

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