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Have you ever seen a price list about german Mac products?Or have you buy things in germany and you remember at the prices? please write the products with their € price. thanks.


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I did something like this in another forum! Most of the prices aren't updated after the price increase in September!

Pro Longwear: 21.50 €
Pro Longwear Gloss Coat: 11.50 €
Lacquer: 18.50 €
Tinted Lip Conditioner Stick: 14.50 €
Lip Conditioner Töpfchen ?
Lip Pencil: 11.50 €
Lipstick: 17 €
Tinted Lipglass: 13.50 €
Lustreglass: 13.50 €
Lipglass Stain: 13.50 €
Lipgelée: 14.50 €

Shadestick: 15 €
Creme Colour Base ?
Pro Lash ?
Splashproof Lash?
Mascara X ?
Mascara N: 16 €
Creme Liner ?
Liquid Liner ?
Brow Set ?
Eye Brows ?
Small Eyeshadow: 14 € for the pot, as a refill 10 €
Paints: 16 €
Fluidlines: 17.50 €
Eye Pencil: 11.50 €
Eye Kohl: 13.50 €
Powerpoint Eye Pencil: 14.50 €
Pro Longlash: 10.50 €
Fibre Rich Lash: 11.50 €
Zoom Lash: 10.50 €

Moistureblend: 32 €
Studio Stick: 30 €
Full Coverage ?
Face And Body: 33 €
Studio Finish Matte: 23 €
Mineralize Skinfinish: 23 €
Select Sheer/Pressed: 23 €
Select Sheer/Loose ?
Iridescent/Pressed: 21 €
Iridescent/Loose ?
Sheer Shimmer ?
Studio Finish Powder ?
Moisturecover: 15 €
Studio Stick Concealer: 12 €
Cheekhue ?
Blot Powder: 16 €
Blush: Creme: 21 €, Powder: 19 €
Studio Tech Foundation: 33 €
Studio Fix: 25 €
Select SPF 15 Foundation: 25 €
Select Tint SPF 15: 30 €
Hyper Real SPF 15 Foundation: 35 €
Bronzing Powder: 21 €
Blushcream: 16 €
Studio Finish Concealer: 13.50 €
Select Cover-Up Concealer: 15 €

Skin Care:
Oil Control Lotion ?
Studio Moisture Fix ?
Day SPF 15 Light Moisture ?
Moisture Feed/Skin ?
Moisture Feed/Eye ?
Strobe Cream ?
Cold Cream Cleanser ?
Every Day Lotion Cleanser ?
Pro Eye Makeup Remover ?
Cleanse Off Oil: 20 €
Wipes ?
Blot Film ?
MAC Shave ?
Scrub Mask ?
Fix+ ?
Fast Response Eye Cream: 31 €

Prep & Prime:
Face: 22 €
Eye: 5 different shades 15 €
Lashes: 11.50 €
Lips: 16 €

Nail Lacquer: 10 €
Palette 4er: 5 €
Palette 15er: 13.50 €
MV-1 ?
MV-2 ?
MV-3 ?
MV-4 ?
MV-5 ?
Pigments: 22 €
Mixing Medium: 16.50 €
Pinzette: 28 €
PRO Stackable Container: 1.50 €
PRO Stackable Container lid: 1 €
PRO pigment jars: 2.50 €

# 187: 40 €
# 190: 46 €


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NP but like I said most of the prices weren't updated after the price increase in September at our local MAC counters!


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Originally Posted by VuittonVictim
NP but like I said most of the prices weren't updated after the price increase in September at our local MAC counters!

how much did the prices increase? like 50 cents for an e/s? were only the prices in germany, europe or everywhere increased?


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MAC is an Estee Lauder subsidary. This means they follow the guidelines for Estee Lauder and it's associated brands. EL raises prices on assorted products $0.50 every July 1st, and once in the winter (although that date is dynamic, not the same every year) generally for items not effected by the July price increase.

It happens every year. It is not directly effected by packaging changes, the market, returns, etc. as this is basically a method of pro-rating what the production cost increase will be over a certain time and spreading it out. It's also to prevent major class-action lawsuits as we had a few years ago in regard to price fixing.

To my knowledge, pot and pan shadows have been effected, as well as lipglasses and some foundation formulas.


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Thank you very much sweetie! ^^ That´s very helpful. I´ll will definitely visit that place when I go to Berlin! :)


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Hello ladies, long time no see, huh?

We've definately have to revive this thread - I'm always slightly jealous of the ladies in the uk thread and their cameraderie and frequent postings!

Maybe someone from this corner of the world is also interested in my second Ruffian Red? Two wonderful ladies cp'ed me one at the same time, so now I'v got accidentally two! I'd sell it for the US price of course (and shipping). Please pm me if you're interested!


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Anneri you're right. We need to revive this thread, it´s sad. As fast as LE items sell out, there is a massive amount of MAC fans in germany. It seems that none of them are on specktra.

Vielleicht sollten wir hier auf deutsch schreiben, um die Hemmschwelle zu senken. Die Postings der meisten europäischen Treads sind auch in der jeweiligen Landessprache.

I´m a bit bored by MAC LE's at the moment, last buy was Restores Dazzle cbb form Shop/Cook. In Extra Dimension was Douglas exclusive, hate buying online at
Reel Sexy, Hey Sailor!, Casual Color und Beth Ditto, there was nothing that grabbed my attention. Heavenly Creature is also a no go, don't like the newer mineralize products, too much glitter.
But I'm looking forward to By Request (eyeshadows and moxie l/s), Style seeker (mattenes!!) and, of course, Marilyn. And I'm not sure if I should order a new bottle of Face & Body before MAC reduces the size.

My new love, makeupwise, is MUFE, I splurged a bit at (20% off). Love their matte eyeshadows, the HD Primers, Aqua Creams, Aqua Eye Pencils and the firming foundation works well on my dry skin.

Hope to talk you all of you soon, have a nice Sunday.


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Anneri, I agree with you about the UK thread, we should post here more often.

And I have to agree with Dorni, I would rather post in German since my English is still not as good as I'd like it to be. I know there a lot of German girls on here, but I think they're not posting much because of the same reason.

I bought a couple of items from Heavenly Creature, I love mineralize collections. I love everything I got, but yes, all the products are quite shimmery.
I find myself overwhelmed with the amount of MAC collections, I definitely don't have the money to buy several items from every single one. I try to be more selective with what I buy, I'm trying to buy less but more High End. There are a couple of HE brands that I would like to try. Also trying to buy less MAC in general, but with all the collections coming out it's not easy. I love blushes, beauty powders, MSFs, so there's always something I like. I've also been selling some stuff from my collection, I want to keep it at a manageable size.


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Gut Naynadine, dann würde ich vorschlagen, das wir ab sofort im diesem Thread auch auf deutsch schreiben. Mein Englisch ist nämlich auch nicht so gut, wie ich es wünschen würde. Und es wäre doch schade, wenn eine lebendige Community nur aus dem Grund nicht zustande kommt, weil wir uns nicht trauen auch mal grammatikalisch voll daneben zu liegen.
Ich bin ja auch immer unsicher, ob ich mich mit meinem Post nicht zum Horst mache.

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