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so, I heard about all of the MAC products being discontinued, and I found a huge list on yahoo! Answers! I'm so sad that they're discontinuing Hepcat! I've got to make a last minute trip to Sephora sometime next week!!


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I've only seen MAC available in the Paris Champs-Elysees Sephora store, and even then the selection is very limited.


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I know lol I just thought it was odd. Never seen Mac at Sephora here in the us... Was completely convinced it was not a possibility


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That list would be over a year and a half old now, if it's still out there, and most of the stuff on it would already be gone.


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They would never ever sell mac at sephora, it must be a mistake. They have such different ways of doing things, mac employees work on commission while sephora employees have more of a team environment. Mac employees handle most of the makeup when you wish to purchase an item, and sephora is more self-serve. Mac has always been such a independent franchise and the way they do things is vastly different from Sephora, so there is a very low chance that this will ever happen. Not to mention mac is one of sephoras biggest competitors


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Not to mention mac is one of sephoras biggest competitors
During a visit to the Sephora on the Champs-Elysees a few years back, there was a little MAC station there, which surprised me. During a short layover last year, I saw that a freestanding store was scheduled to open not too far down, so I don't know if that Sephora discontinued selling MAC once the store opened.

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