MAC Items Being Discontinued in 2019


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For everything that's not limited edition that's getting the Triangle of Death in 2019, mourn/talk about the discontinuing of various MAC products here.


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I saw that the Warm Neutrals x15 and Cool Neutrals x15 palettes are on the Goodbyes section... And I'm wondering if they are being discontinued and if I should get a Warm Neutrals backup! In The Flesh is already sold out.


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I'm tempted to back these up too. These are great prices.

Are the lip intensity pencils being discontinued? I don't see all the colors listed but they are not in the goodbye section. Any info?


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Yes, I noticed the same thing with both the regular lip pencils and the pro longwear. The light Nude colors are gone (Naked and Nothing Sexier)

My pro long wear lip pencil in Nothing Sexier totally fell out of the barrel in the ladies room at work, I didn’t bother picking it back up lol. Honestly the Velvetease were better imo


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The pink eye makeup remover has gone MIA. And so has the Complete Comfort cream. Are both of these history? Thanks!


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I only see two shades of Next to Nothing Powder. I guess it is discontinued which doesn't make sense if they just came out with Next to Nothing bronzer in the latest collection. What gives?


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All That Glitters is being discontinued, at least in the pot form. The U.S. MAC website cancelled my order for the pan form yesterday, saying it was unavailable. I will be really sad to see it go, but Urban Decay Sin is very similar.


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I miss all the brushes they used to offer! Now I've been on the hunt for months looking for the discontinued brushes!


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So, my powder, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in the Medium Golden seems to have bee discontinued! I live in outback NSW Australia 6 hours from MAC stockist, so I shop online, and can't the test new shades to work out which on is a good replacement. Anyone got any thoughts/references that might help me work I out?


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All that glitters favorite of so many. Even if it is available in pot form my depotting skills are rusty..

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