MAC It's a Strike (August 18th, 2016)

Dolly Snow

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[h=3]Lipstick – €19.50[/h]
  • Honeylove – light beige toned with rose (matte)
  • Flat Out Fabulous – bright plum matte (retro matte)
  • All Fired Up – bright fuchsia matte (retro matte)
  • Perfect Score – deep red (matte)
  • Bowl Me Over – deep burnt brown (retro matte) (online exclusive)
  • Liquid Lurex – tarnished gold (dazzle)
  • Babes and Balls – deep burgundy (matte)
[h=3]Cremesheen Glass – €21.50[/h]
  • It’s A Strike – soft nude pink
  • King Pin – deep chocolate mauve
  • Throw A Spare – fuchsia with pearl
  • Right Up My Alley – deep red
  • Spare Me – dark purple
[h=3]Eye Shadow – €18.00[/h]
  • Gutter Gal – off-white grey (matte)
  • Bowlarama – bright lime green (satin)
  • Bowl Out – mid-tone grey (matte)
  • 300 Game – blackened cherry (matte)
  • Join My League? – dark espresso (matte)
  • Carbon – intense black (matte)
[h=3]Fluidline Pen – €19.00[/h]
  • Vintage Brown – deep dark brown
  • Retro Black – black
  • Indelibly Blue – deep navy blue
[h=3]Pearlmatte Face Powder – €22.50[/h]
  • Trophy – multi-colour (pearlmatte)
[h=3]MAC Studio Nail Lacquer – €10.00[/h]
  • Rack ‘Em Up – cool deep khaki (cream)
  • 5 Pin – deep wine (cream)
  • Baby Split – sheer lime green (cream)
[h=3]Casual Colour – €22.50[/h]
  • Have a Lovely Day! – neutral nude
  • Blind Score – dirty reddish lilac
[h=3]Brush – €34.00[/h]
  • 116 Blush


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Thanks Dolly! I'm interested in Perfect Score and Babes and Balls (that name though..)


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Some of the lipsticks are repromotes, and the only one that isn't matte is a dazzle that I already have.

I might be interested in a couple of eyeshadows, but that's all. I can't believe they're repromoting Carbon - maybe it's in special packaging?


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This must be the cute bowling alley collection that was mentioned in one of the other threads. I see a couple of things I might dig. Can't wait for swatches and the promo image,I love seeing the new promo images!

Miss Dynamite

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Sounds mostly boring. Might like Spare Me and 300 Game...if it doesn't turn out brown like most things that MAC describes as red.


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[CENSORED] Carbon?!?!?!?



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I hope this has special packaging, it could be so cute! I definitely want Liquid Lurex and (pending swatches), Trophy Pealmatte, Perfect Score, and Babes and Balls.
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Perfect Fall Collection :heart:

Colors and finishes are gorgeous for Fall and I am so happy to see a Pearlmatte Face Powder again!

Excited :dance:


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  • Perfect Score lipstick – deep red (matte)

  • 300 Game eyeshadow– blackened cherry (matte)
I got these two on my radar!


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Do we know if this has SP? I get some Archie's Girls vibes from it so I really hope so! They had pearlmattes with their collection as well, right? I think I have the Veronica one.


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  • Perfect Score – deep red (matte)
  • Bowl Me Over – deep burnt brown (retro matte) (online exclusive)
  • Babes and Balls – deep burgundy (matte)
  • 300 Game – blackened cherry (matte)
  • Join My League? – dark espresso (matte)