MAC lightful skincare


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Has anyone tried any of these products yet. I finally saw them at my fs MAC and got a sample of the face wash and I actually like it I am thinking about getting one when my purity runs out. Does anyone have any input on any of the products from this line?


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i just started using the foaming cleanser and the moisturizer.

I have mixed feelings. It is definitly lightening my freckles at a very fast rate.... which is disappointing. I know thats one of the main things... lightens freckles, sun spots etc.... but i was hoping my freckles would be immune to this. My skin tone over all looks AMAZING! my skin is so so flippin soft.

I usually exfoliate with lush's ocean sea salt scrub
wash with the foaming cleanser and then moisturize.

The cleanser is so light. It feels like a mousse. And the moisturizer is also very light and weightless. Not greasy at all!

Ive been doing this for a week and my skin looks fantastic. im ABSOLUTELY getting the full sized cleanser and moisturizer!