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i email corperate and they told me the same thing almost word for word i was sooo worried i love hue!!!!
And I was just getting into MAC l/s! Are there any must haves glaze l/s I should snatch up asap while I still can? I see Hue is a popular color though lol. I'm open to all colors


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I am kinda meh on Luster e/s and Glaze lippies. I am sure they will come out with new products that will be relevant to our interests. The thing about MAC products is they are like bright colored London buses. If you miss one, another bright shiny one will come along to carry you away...


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So far, so good, for me; I don't like any of the Lustre shadows I've tried, and, as for lipstick, I tend to prefer more color/coverage than the Glazes offer.
If MAC were to axe the Amplified Creme formula lipsticks, I'd be seriously upset, but right now I'm fine.


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I actually like most of the Lustre shadows I have but since MAC is improving on their e/s formula lately, I am not too worried about d/c this finish. I can always layer a sparkly pigment with Fix over another e/s if I need tons of glitter/shimmer.


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the texture on the lustre eyeshadows are the worst… I never liked them at all… I really love my matte2 eyeshadows and I wish they would bring them all back plus news in a a collection.


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is it true are they discontinuing their glaze lippies?!
I actually never heard this.. Hue is one of my faves! =( imo its more of a creme sheen not so much a glaze, most of their glazes dry my lips out horribly, hue is super moisturizing though =\

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