MAC MSF confusion!!


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Hi All
I am a new member and thought I will get help from the board. For Christmas..I am buying 2 Mac MSF as my gift. I am confused bet Medium Tan, Dark, Med deep and Give me Sun. I am leaning towards Med Tan and dark. Are med deep and give me sun very close.
I am nc43 in studio fix powder and am Shade Toasty toffee in Estee Lauder Dbl wear.
I do not want 2 similar colors and want 1 for all over and another for periphery to warm up. I really look forward to any input.


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:wavey: Welcome!

If you're NC43 in Studio Fix Powder, Give Me Sun may be too light or too close to your skintone to use as a bronzer. Sun Power may work better for you for that.

For all over, probably Medium Deep or Dark?