MAC Pigment Samples *Over 100 colors* + *Pigment Sample Sale- All Pigments MAC, Too Faced,


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MAC Pigment Samples *Over 100 colors* + *Pigment Sample Sale-

MAC Pigment Samples & BNIB MAC cosmetics (below) & Other brands (below)


1. I take Paypal (noncc or cc paypal, fees will be applied usually about $1 extra depending on the amount spent.( fees will be applied) (i prefer not to take echecks at all if possible..but if you have to..lmk ..packages will send out after payment is received)
2. I do not take cash or money orders
3. Shipping/Handling will start at $2 for samples depending on how many you buy
and $3 for cosmetics items (.50 each additional)
4. International Buyers: PM me where you are from, so shipping is charged accordingly
5. I ship only First Class
6. Once it leaves my hands, I am not responsible ....for any packages!!!!!
7. Feedback :
MUA: ladybugy06
Specktra: ladynpink
8. For more pictures please pm me
9. Prices have been deducted already..trying to stay firm with prices..but always feel free to ask me
10. Items will have a processing day of at least 1-2 days!! depending on how many orders i get!!
11. Paypal fee will also be charged..accordingly

MAC Pigments & Glitters

Paypal Fees will be applied whether you are paying NON CC or CC Paypal

(Please Purchase at least 5 pigment samples)
(its just easier to ship)

Mac Pigments
(pictures coming soon)(100%authentic mac)
these come in 5g. jars...clean
these prices are based on others who are
selling them too!!

REGULAR/Basic Line-1/4 tsp sample-$2.75
Blue Brown *out of stock
Copper Sparkle
Chocolate Brown

Dark Soul
Frozen White
Golden Olive
Golden Lemon
Melon *out of stock
Old Gold
Pink Bronze
Pink Opal *out of stock

Pro Line- 1/4 tsp sample $2.75

Basic Red
Bright Fucshia
Deep Brown
Copper Metal-
Deep Blue Green
Emerald Green
Gold metal -

Platinum metal -
Rose Gold metal -
Naked Deep Dark
Naked Dark
Primary Yellow
Green Space
Steel Blue
Silver Fog
White Gold
Pure White
Pink Pearl
Ruby Red

Limited Edition; DC; Hard to Find Pigments
$3.00 each (unless stated)
1/4 tsp sample

Accent Red

Azreal Blue
Bell Bottom Blue

Gold Mode
Gold Stroke
Jardin D'Aires

Lily White
Lovely Lily

Nocturnal Plum

Off The Radar
Pink Vivid

Revved Up
Smoke Signals
Viz A Violet
Antique Green
Mega Rich
Vintage Gold
Blonde's Gold
Heritage Rouge
Tea Time
Gilded Green
Royal Flush
Circa Plum
Museum Bronze
Rich Life
Universal Mix
Push the Edge
Brash n Bold

Moonlight Night
The Family Crest

Bloodline, (dark brown/plum)
Mauvement, (grayed mauve)
Lithe, (peachy nude)

Partylicious (teal/blue)
If it Sparkles (white)

Emerald Dusk
Mad Fixation

Other Prices: (LE, VHTF, DC)
All Girl *** $5.75 1/4 only
Blue Storm *** $4.00 only
Blue (RR) ***$5.00 only
Blue Original ***$6.00 1/4 only

Coco Beach ***$6.50 1/4 tsp only
Dazzleray $4.00 1/4 only
Deckchair ***$5.75 1/4 only
Entremauve $4.00

Goldenaire 3.75 1/4 only
Gold Dusk ***$4.00 1/4 only
Gold Original ***$6.00 1/4 only
Maroon ***$5.50 1/4 only

Quietly ***$4.50
Sunnydaze $4.50
Your Ladyship $5.00
Cool Pink $3.25
Push the Edge $3.75 1/4 tsp only

Glitter: 1/4 tsp sample only- $3.00

Chartruese Glitter

Fuchsia Glitter
Reflects Gold
Reflects Blue
Gold Drift
Reflects Very Pink
Reflects Blackened Red
Reflects Antique Gold

MAC Cosmetics:

(Please ask/pm for pictures) (All items BNIB unless stated)

L-R : Aquadisiac $13, Vapour $13, Cloudburst $13, Orche Style
Velvet Moss(slight chip on side) , Tilt (6x) $8, Bang on Blue 2x $14, Mystery $14

BNIB: L-R Artic Grey $13, Cool Heat $13, Sweet Lust $13
Used 2x: Shale $10, Firecracker $12, Flashtrack $10

Other Brands: all BNIB unless stated otherwise.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Round Palette BNIB: $20 (older palette)
Smashbox Holiday Wish Palette 09 less than 10x (no primer): $20 (heavy to ship)

The Balm and the Beautiful: 2x : $20shipped
The Balm: Shady Lady 2 and 3: BN: $15 each
Lancome Daria Palette: BNIB: $12

Please PM me for pictures and quotes, give me your best offer!

I also live near a Freestanding and Pro MAC store if anyone needs a CP! I love shopping!
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If you restock at some point I would be interested in ordering a sample of blue brown, pink opal along with vanilla :)