mac pro fashion week face charts


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i really wanted to see the face charts on the mac pro website but it wont let me because i am not a pro member, i was mainly interested to find out what they used for the peacock looking eye one, could anyone post the picture and details here?

also, why cant i see what pro products are available anymore?! this is so lame, i can buy them over the phone, so why cant i browse the products and colours etc online?!


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M·A·C Products 1/3

M·A·C PRO Gold Glitter
– over the lids, packed on tight at the lash line, applied onto Medium Lash with a 242 brush

M·A·C PRO Turquoise or PRO Pink Glitter
– applied in the same way all around the gold and up into the brows, around in a ‘C’ shape beneath the eyes in a free and arty, not perfect, style

Plushblack Plushlash Mascara
– several coats on top and bottom lashes

– bleached if necessary


Face and Body Foundation
– where needed, fresh skin is so important so this look stays modern


Lady Danger Lipstick – softly applied
Clear Lipglass – for a full-on vinyl finish



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^^^they revamped the pro site to make it more pro friendly. when they did this, they didn't metion anything to us about moving the pro products to the regular site, nor did they mention that pro members and employees would be shopping from the regular site. as far as not being able to see the products, i have no idea.

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