MAC PRO Haul + Pixs


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Hey all, went to vegas over the weekend and stopped by the pro store. This is what i ended up with. They ran out of a few pro colors i wanted =(. I also have swatches but i dont think they came out too well. if you really want a post i will post it. All the pro shadows is similar to a veluxe texture, no shimmer, maybe in between a matte and a satin shadow.

1. Kelly Green pigment
2. Green Brown pigment
3. Pro Soot
4. Pro Indian Ink
5. Pro Kelly
6. Pro Deep Damson - Reminds me of sketch but lighter
7. Pro Bottle Green
8. Molten Sol
9. Afterdusk
10. Firespot
11. Jadeye Fluidline
12. New weed Fluidline
13. Litograph Fluidline
14. Hush CCB


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Awesome Haul!! Which colors were they out of? In both pot and pan form? My husband is picking up my my order and now I am wondering which one's I am not going to be able to get

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