MAC shopping - thinking outside the box!


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So i needed a new blush and though since they have free shipping until tomorrow - i might as well get it now! (Well dressed for those who are wondering!)
So i called and said i would like to place the order - out of stock. Like whaaaat! Not back in until after the free shipping has expired. Sadly hung the phone up - and as i was so close, i just had to try and buy it! Ebay - bit dodgy really, i prefer to buy from MAC or a proper MAC retailer... and then i thought - Debenhams!!! They had it in stock and also had free shipping.
So just a little tip if you want something out of stock and didnt realise that you could try Debs!



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This doesnt just work for MAC! Hit pan on my MAC golden Refined and decided id try out a Laguna this time as hitting pan is a green light to go ahead and get a new one!

In my opinion, NARS shipping is crazy - £7. But at the same time i also decidedi need/want a MAC blot powder. So to buy these things from their respective websites would be: Laguna £26/shipping £7 and Blot £20/shipping £2.95 - which would total £55.95.

Three words: HOUSE OF FRASER!! (dot com (ok thats 5 words but you get what im on about!))

HoF website sells MAC and NARS, total from there was: Laguna £26/Blot £20/Shipping..... £3! Total £49.

Happy shopper!


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House of Fraser also offers 10% off MAC for students! I'm a postgrad and still get it! This is the reason I'm poor! And you can collect from store for free now.