MAC Studio Talk at MAC Counter


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Has anyone ever attended one of these? They told me it was an exclusive event for a smaller group of people. They will be showing tricks and tip and technique~It's $50 redeemable in product after the talk. It's from 6-8PM on July 18th and I think I want to go. They said they are having a MAC artist in store and it's in front of the Dept store in the mall. Please let me know your thoughts or comments!


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i attended one of these about 6 months ago at the nordstrom near me. they did a class in one of the back employee rooms. it was about 10 women attending and the top salesgirl from their mac counter as well as the regional mac guy (i don't know what his official title was). i'm a freelance artist so to me i really didn't learn a ton of new stuff, but i did enjoy listening to them give tips and watch them do makeup on models. i answered a question about mac and won a cremesheen which was nice!
i would recommend going, it's pretty fun and informative!


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My apologies, I actually did do a search and nothing came up.....I searched for Studio Talk....thanks for the info on the thread~


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Originally Posted by akcmommy
I'm hoping that you didn't mean it to come across that way, but your post was snarky.

i don't think i came off as snarky. i posted a few links for her that already contain the information that she was looking for and suggested that next time she does a search so that there aren't mulitple posts on the same subject. i even used wording that many of the mods themselves use. now, had i just said something along the lines of "there's already posts on this subject" and left in at that, then yes, that would be snarky.

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