MAC Swatches ~ MSFs: Stereo Rose, Metal Rock, Lightscapade, & MORE!


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Check out the Beauty Blog for more images including Stereo Rose, Metal Rock, Petticoat, and more.

I love the skinfinishes, provided they're not a glitterbomb disco fiasco...when that happens, there's a lot of buffing involved, let me tell you.

Click the link, comment on the blog, and let us know what your favorite MSFs are!

Swatches of MAC Mineralized Skinfinishes, Metal Rock, Stereo Rose, and more! | Specktra Beauty News

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I can't seem to find this at all on the MAC website? I know the store in the mall has them, but the website doesn't and I don't have a pro membership to order from the pro website. What's up with that? Is there a section with the shimmering MSF's?


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I - finally - get - it - now... I had to try the Lightscapade I just purchased to understand why MSFs are such a big deal, it's simply lovely. Just lovely. I'll probably have to get petticoat pink now and will certainly be eyeing new collections for more MSFs.


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I cannot live without lightscapade. I don't know why it hasn't been re-released. Not all of us are tan enough to use a gold highlight!!!! People at my counter used to bribe me with it...