MAC Wash And Dry Collection (May 14 / May 21, 2015)


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The promo image is too cute for this collection too! Laundramat, soap bubbles everywhere, half nekkid man...

Release Dates for MAC
Online release date US: May 14th 2015
In store release date US: May 21st 2015

Online release date (international):
In store release date (international):

WHERE will this collection be available?
All retailers...more info to come

Special Packaging?

Will PRO discount apply?

Active shipping codes:

List of products
Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder
Delicates - neutral deep bronze w/ fine gold shimmer
Golden Rinse - light brick reddish bronze w/ fine shimmer

Bronzing Powder
Matte Bronze
Refined Golden

Nail Laquer
Washeteria - blue green
Monday Blues - blue

Crips Whites - pale tangerine w/ pearls

Tumble Dry - light peachy coral
Steam Heat - vivid yellow red
Creme D'Nude

Hot/Cold - true red
Laundry List - vivid orange
Domestic Diva - frosty watery pink
Girl on Board - light creme nude

Coin Operated - metal grey w/ silver pearl
Practice Makes Perfect - deep blue green
Colour Matters - lime
Sudsy - marine blue

Veluxe Pearlfusion e/s
Permanent Press - white beige / calm brown bronze / black w/ gold pearls
Green Clean - pale white green / lime / deep khaki w/ gold pearls
Warm Wash - white w/ orange gold pearl / peachy orange / copper gold bronze

Highlight Powder
Freshen Up

Makeup Bag

2 brushes

Eye Brows
Stylized - brown
Tapered - red brown
Delineated - cork taupe
Accentuated - ashy grey brown

Active Link to the Collection:

- more info to come -


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(edit by Naynadine: I moved this post here, because we already have a thread for this)

Have you guys seen the Mac Wash and Dry preview?

It seems to be Mac's big summer collection! IE: Alluring Aquatics


The packaging is flawless!

More info to come!

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Super LOVE the packaging! Dont care what's inside! Lol! thanks to the girls that shared the info/pics! ;)


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It does! This looks likely to threaten our low buys lol. Hopefully it's not the same recycled stuff in new packaging. 
I know. I am more excited about the liquid matte lipsticks though. I am going to stay on my makeup diet until then. I hope. Lol. We can do this Shars. Be strong.

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The special packaging summer collection usually comes out in May right? I remember Temperature Rising and Alluring Aquatics both came out around my husband's birthday and so I bought myself a present.
Hopefully this comes out in May also.

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