MAC X Pony Park Collection (Sep 21, 2019)


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available in stores and online at Nordstrom on Sept. 21, in stores and online at MAC on Sept. 23, will release globally in October


There will be an all-new lip product:

''The MAC Matte Lip Mousse is a new product innovation that we are introducing in this collection. Recently, a velvet-type texture that’s not too matte and not too glossy is trendy among Korean consumers. This Matte Lip Mousse is just right, super smooth and has just the right amount of color pigment and saturation. The various shades go well with every skin tone.''


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Ooh why didn't I check here before I ordered? I didn't even see swatches. I was just so surprised to see the email. I went right to Mac site and was so surprised to see the palette sold out already. Somehow I checked Nordstrom for something. I don't know if they sent me an email or something but I noticed they had the collection so I ended up ordering a buy online pick up in store. They had everything I wanted except the gold highlighter. I ordered the gold highlighter from Mac site. I was supposed to pick it up today but was too tired. I'll try again tomorrow. I wanted to wait to get it because I hear Nordies is having a 10 point event next week but I don't know how limited the collection is. I think with my luck they probably do have the highlighter in the store. Anyway, I got the palette, 2 highlighters and 1 lip color and the studio fix. I'l wait to see anything else in person.


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When does the Pony collection go live for MAC online for regular members? the eyeshadow palette sold out for mac lover members fast and I missed it.

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