Makeup Artist training for photographers


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I'm looking for recommendations for learning makeup artistry.

What I do need is high quality instruction. I'm a male photographer and my guess is that any of you reading this has forgotten more about makeup than I know.

My use case for this is to apply the principles and creativity of makeup artistry into my post production workflow (e.g. photoshop).

I do not intend to be a makeup artist, sell services as a makeup artist, or anything along those lines. I do not need or desire certification.

Instead, I want to understand the theory, style and technique of makeup artistry for the purpose of creating exactly the look I want in my finished work.

Are there any inexpensive (e.g. less than $300) reputable sources that might fill my needs? Is there a particular book or body of work recognized in the industry as the gold standard for instruction?

Something like with a go at your own pace video instruction style would be ideal.

Please help!



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(Moved to Industry Discussion because I think this may be more in that vein, while the Recommendations section is for actual makeup recommendations.)

This video may help you a little bit; it's about colour theory as applied to makeup.