Makeup/Dressing unveiling to classic glam


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ya'll inspired me to turn my spare bedroom into a makeup/dressing room, after I gave away an extra bed to a family member who needed it. i now get much more (daily) use out of this room. dear hubby just anchored the mirror onto the vanity tonite. the vanity is
actually a sturdy maple wood breakfast buffet that i picked up at a thrift store and refinished. oldies but goodies. they don't make furniture like they used to...i <3 hello kitty & anything glamorous. can u tell? lol
i would like hubby to add some vanity lights to the framed mirror, gonna hit up lowes and check their stock.
any suggestions or comments please feel free to let me know. i love the creativity on this site! xo


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Great job! What a pretty conversion you've done with the room. :) My makeup room is in serious need of a overhaul, thanks for the inspiration!


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This is beautiful and very vintage looking! I love it! Indeed, they don't make furniture like they used to so it is nice to see the warmth of golden wood for a change of pace! I love that dress form!


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i like it! what kind of box is that, where you have you're brushes in? and the hello kitty that looks like it's two pieces?