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Hi Everyone! :bouquet: So I was going to post this on a different thread, but I thought why not make a new one because I am sure people have some similar questions as me! Right now my storage situation isn't ideal. I have a few Muji drawers and then my palettes are in a desk drawer. In addition I have my colourpop eye shadows and other blushes and eyeshadows in makeup bags in my bathroom closet. I am moving soon and I've thought about just buying the IKEA set up that everyone seems to love. But I'm not 100% sold on it. I'm wondering if I should buy another set of Muji drawers (I stack the two drawers that are thicker on top of the three drawer ones). Some stuff, like the Colourpop eyeshadows, will still be in a makeup bag I'm sure, but I feel like I won't neglect as many things. So long story short, my question is - What do you guys prefer? Muji type drawers or an actual vanity table with drawers? :heart:


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I have quite a bit from Ikea (I live super close and its soooo addicting!) and for makeup storage I use a combination of the Micke desk, muji and similar looking acrylic drawers on top, and the Lack wall shelf. The Malm dressing table is what everyone has, and although the glass top is beautiful the drawer is very heavy, which is why it's not designed to pull out all of the way. The Lack wall shelf is my favorite's narrow with open shelves that perfectly display clear containers and my perfume tray. I like having as much visible as possible. The one thing I can't seem to store properly are palettes...they fit alright in magazine racks, but I currently just have them stacked on a shelf. I'm kind of outgrowing all white furniture though haha and the surfaces are difficult to paint--major downside!


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I use an old chest of drawers that I've had ever since I was a baby. The top drawer houses most of my makeup, and I use deep drawer containers from The Container Store for organization assistance. (Middle drawer holds backups of things, along with my nail polish. Bottom drawer is random stuff.) Eyeliners, lipliners, mascara, eyeshadow primer, and brushes are kept on top. The brushes are in pencil cups; everything else is kept in a repurposed bluetooth speaker box. If I had a larger bedroom space, I'd want some kind of vanity, methinks. Even a vanity-that-isn't-technically-a-vanity (read: desk setup) would be good.

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