Making Your Own Lipsticks


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I wasn't sure where to post this, so I thought I'd try here!

I was watching a video done by EnKoreMakeup about making your own homemade lipsticks on Youtube (you can look it up on his channel, if you're interested), and I was fascinated. I'm really curious - do any of you do this for yourself personal stash? As professionals to get the perfect colour? To sell? Does it end up being more cost-effective than buying lipsticks for a makeup addict? This formula seems really simple - has anyone tried this and found if the texture is drying or comfortable? Any tips for someone looking to try it out? Any ideas for improving the formula if you don't like it?

I'm just soooo curious!! :) TIA!


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Jenn.. I don't ever make any ls -- but I am constantly mixing my own brews or testing with other existing ls products, or product to be released.. but I do know that many pro MUAs do cook up their own colours... that is how MAC's Vamp -- was made.. and many other products too.

that said, I don't know if the cost effectiveness of making your own ls is worth it.. mixing up ls is very cost effective, but making them up not sure... the ingredients might cost more than the finished product..


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If you can, I would definitely suggest you do. I used to when I had more time. Now, I just cut and melt when I need to mix a custom colour that I know I'm going to want more than once. TKB Trading sells like, all the stuff you need to do this with. It's really fun and it's super easy if you put them in balm tubes versus lipstick tubes.

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