"MaMa Lauder"


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Many of us love MAC.. but many of us don't know that Estee Lauder Companies owns MAC as well as Clinique, Origins, Darphin, Bobbi Brown, American Beauty, Aramis, Aveda, Smashbox, Ojon, Prescriptives, LaMer, Tom Ford, Flirt, Good Skin Labs, Lab Series, Jo Malone.. and even Coach!

ok, the idea is to try to gather up any info on new products from any of these companies which might be of interest to others.

I want to begin by giving a Huge Shout out to Estee Lauder for their Mercury Line of Highliters (sold out in 2 weeks in August), as well as their upcoming Cyber Eyeshadows which are really on the cutting edge of products for their formulation (tribrid, same as the Highliter).. there is even a Nude Matte Lipstick which is fantastic and which I have been wearing along with my Highliter.

If this is re-released.. I would highly recommend any of these new products.

If anyone has any information or has tried these products out.. or any from any of the Estee Lauder.. aka Mama Lauder lines.. please post here.



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keep an eye out for new creams.. anti aging Global is a magnifcent night cream .. you will read more about it soon.

also any of the Cyber ES, Cyber matte ls, Eyeliners, and of course the magnificent Mercury highliter with the "tribrid" system of gel/cream/powder is a MUST HAVE.

If these are repromoted, grab one or two..you will not regret it.

as for the Es, my fav colours are the copper, silver and lilac.. and now the teal