Mariah Carey Forever


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Anyone else got this? I picked this up yesterday and I freaking LOVE it!!! This has to be one of the nicest scents I've had in a few years
The gardenia and tuberose in the heart of this perfume is the selling point, really beautiful for anyone who likes white florals that are a little fruity! top note is apple, base white musk, that white musk makes this a really nice atypical warm scent surprisingly good for summer/spring! I really love it, will def be buying this one again. I thought it was similar to Juicy Couture actually, which smells really similar with gardenia, but its got a sharper finish, and I liked it, bt not as much and I didnt like the drydown of the Juicy as much either, it has a little more tart note than the musky embrace of Forever. If you have it I'd love to know what you think, the MUA reviews werent great and I was honestly suprised that it didnt get a bigger thumbs up


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I wanted to love this, but I didn't
. I love M so much more. I think it's just because I prefer vanilla/coconutty/really fruity type scents.

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