Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling


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Set be released in June by EA as an EDT in a Lollipop shaped flacon....

Is it just me or does this sound scary? LOLOL, I like all of Mariahs perfumes to date - Luscious Pink is the one I like the least, but I still own it, like it, and use it. This one sounds like something targeted at the teen demo, and en EDT? Seriously....


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I think there's actually 3 Lollipop Bling scents in diff colored butterfly bottles lol, I'd love to read scent descriptions if anyone can find them! I'm in love with her M scent already.


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I think the name is ridiculous, but I still wanna smell it because I like fruity sweet fragrances.


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They're not bad...but a little too teenish for my taste.

Apparently they're inspired by ringpops, hence the name lollipop bling.

They just smell really fruity and sweet and just really, really young haha.


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I got to sample all 3. They def are girly and young! Mine Again is my favorite because it has warm chocolate/vanilla notes in it, it smells really yummy actually. The other 2 smell like candy and fruity bubblebath lol. Honey smells like lemony sweet bubblebath and Ribbon smells like blue raspberry candy! Very Mariah Carey lol.

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