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Mermaid Greens!


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Here's a tutorial I've been thinking of doing but I've never had the time to. I hope this will help you! The colours I've used for this look can of course be exchanged with others if you haven't got the shade that I used or if you just don't like it. Have fun!



1. Do your base, primer around the eye and a thick layer of
powder underneath to easily get rid of the eyeshadow fallouts.


2. Put Ninja Minerals "Request" on the eyelid.


3. Put MAD Minerals "UR Fine" on the
outer part of the eyelid, on top of the Request.


4. Put MAD Minerals "Nature Lover" in the crease.
This doesn't need to be too perfect, just match the other eye.


5. Put MAD Minerals "Lots of Love" above the Nature Lover.


6. Blend the colours together. Make sure no ugly lines are
visible. I'm not as careful with the inner corner of the eye,
it will be fixed a few steps later. After the blending is done
you can also touch up the colours that have faded a bit.


7. Put Ninja Minerals "Request" underneath the eye.


8. Time for the highligting and fixing the inner
corner of the eye! Put MAD Minerals "Wedding"
underneath the eyebrow and on the inner corner
of the eye, on both the top- and bottom lid.


9. Carefully put a little bit of MAD Minerals "Black (matte)"
on the outer part of the eyelid to deepen that green.


10. Wipe the powder off to get rid of the fallouts.
Also wipe your lashes from fallouts and brush
through your brows to clean them up. Draw your
eyeliner. This is how I do it!


11. Add mascara and put some white eyeliner on your waterline.


12. Fix your brows. Done!


Bonus! Now this is how even my face looks!




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this is really pretty! your liner is always so flawless, and your liner tut helped me a lot!
Okay, heres my look for tomorrow! Those are my two favorite colors! And as a redhead I can wear them! Yay for really good bright green tuts! I second that btw, enter next months tutorial contest.
I love this! It's gorgeous and goes so well with your eye color, too. I don't use greens much but I may have to try this out sometime.

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