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Anyone tried the line? Teh reviews in MUA P"ville are scant. I was wondering about the cream eyeshadow as a base sort of like the MAC PP? They have a nice range of colors on ACW

Anyone tried 'em?



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Good timing! I just received my gel eyeliner from Michael Todd in the color Chocolate Cherry. I posted a review on MUA. The color ends up looking like soft black with red sparkles. Wear time is very good for a gel liner on me. Lasts better than my Tarte one. I'm not certain, but think my eyes don't care for something in the product, though. I'm waiting; it's also a rough allergy week for me. Also of note, the liner is TINY. I've played with a lottt of cosmetics and it's very, very small. If I'd paid full price, I would've been disappointed. I wondered about the paint pot-esque products, too. Are you thinking of trying some?


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yeah, I was hoping these could work like the paint pots, as they have more um, non-neutral colors, ahem! I have trouble with red and purple eyeliners--I think it could be carmine a dye made from bugs (gross, eh?).

My allergies are nutso this week too! Been using eyedrops every day (Bausch and Lomb) Opcon and considering using some certrizine (Zyrtec) but that stuff makes me droopy and tired...


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I just went to the site. It's BUSY! And it launched all of a sudden...? I'm curious about the quality. Right now, the line seems like it's doing THE MOST.


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I was curious about the line as well, but it's kind of expensive. After looking at it closely, I realized it's Lady Burd with prettier packaging. It's just not the typical paint wheels or fluorescent paint shadows we usually see. The cream shadows and gel liners are simply indelible liners and shadows. If you compare their shades with others, you'll recognize them. Chocolate Cherry, for example, is Black Cherry. I love the packaging on them though! I <3 purple! I wonder how the lipsticks are.

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