Mickey's work look now that he's living as a woman


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Hi everyone! Yet again months have passed between posts. I hope you're all doing well. This year my goal has been to always dress in womens' clothes and shoes with full makeup on when I go to work or otherwise outside the house. I've succeeded with the exception of one three hour night time shift and once when I drove to the store for medicine when terribly sick. My makeup style's evolved through the months, so I decided to post what it's like now. This was before work today.

CoverGirl TruBlend in Classic Ivory (changed to a narrower bottle since I last posted)
Maybelline Ever Fresh Pressed Powder in Translucent Fair
CoverGirl Brow and Eye Makers in Soft Brown
Lancome ColorFocus 4Dreaming in white (of the four colors)
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Shimmering Onyx
MAC Violet pigment
BonneBell Eye Style Shadow Box in Sweet Lavenders
MAC Blooz Eye Kohl
Estee Lauder Projectionist mascara
NARS Orgasm blush
CoverGirl Pick-Me-Up Pink lipstick
MAC Whirl lip pencil



I'll be posting more pics soon. Of my Halloween costume, and of the results of my shopping spree. For 2010 I want to be even more of a woman in public, so will be adding to my goals.


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oooo i love your lips
and the eyeshadow is nice on your skintone! i think you should grow the bangs long and do sidesweep! i think it will look good on you


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WOW! You've come such a long ways since you first started posting here! I can see a huge improvement!! Very nicely done.. the whole look is fabulous!


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Looks great! The purple really suits you. Congrats on taking the steps toward happiness!


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Thanks everyone! *hugs*
Regarding the bangs, I've tried the longer side bangs before and it does look nice, but it usually ends up in my eyes when I move around. So I've grown to prefer the front bangs. I trim them myself (as I had done a few days before these were taken), let them grow to eye level, then trim again. haha

Now to get my Halloween pics up...

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