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Milani Liquif’Eye

CeCe bOO13

New member
i see these are out and im thinkin since they are so cheap i might try them but i want reviews first

has anyone tried these?
what are the pros/cons?


New member
I cannot wait to try these either. I have not had bad luck with Milani pencil liners so I'm sure this should be just as great...


New member
I really like these, they are so smooth and creamy and they stay put ALL day. Unlike my UD 24/7 they don't smudge.


New member
I reviewed this in my blog. I personally loveeeee them. They're creamy and smudgeable for about 15 seconds and then they set and stay in place all day long.


New member
I've heard alot about this, I really want to try and see if they're better than the 24/7 liners from Urban Decay. My target doesn't carry Milani and I don't have a CVS near me yet. They're going to open alot of CVS stores in my city soon, and when they do, I just might have to go and pick a liner up.


New member
This, alongside my Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner and Revlon Colorstay, is my favorite eyeliner. Pigmented, creamy, and stays put! I've tried Urban Decay and MUFE Aqua eyes and those aren't nearly as good. If this smudges on you then most likely, all pencil eyeliners will.

My review on all my pencil eyeliners: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq0zBX8yPOU