Miracle solution for metal x cream e/s- no more flaking or creasing!!!


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hi all

like many out there i am a metal x lover/hater. I bought metalblu cream e/s because of the gorgeous color- intending to use as an eyeliner or base to pop my other blue shadows. well, it's been sitting in my vanity for over a year due to its finiky & flaky consistancy.

not anymore!!

just did a chemistry experiment and put some MAC mixing medium gel (it's a pro product; u can get this online or at pro store) into the metalblu compact and mixed it a little with a thin eyeliner brush= the result is a dreamy fluid consistancy that you can use to line your eyes or spread on your lid for an e/s base.

hater no more, hope u guys will try this and revive your metal e/s

good luck!

MAC PRO | Mixing Medium Gel

here are some pics:MAC metalblu e/s chemistry experiment - a set on Flickr


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thanks for the information i have to try it.....how much did u pay for the mixing medium gel


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mixing medium water base $16 before discount (currently sold out)
mixing medium alcohol base also $16 before discount ( also sold out online)
mixing medium eyeliner $12 before discount
mixing medium lash $12 before discount

-40% pro discount with pro card


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i tried this experiment as an eyeliner, without a base .... i rubbed my eye and it did smear.

* if anyone tries this pls let me know what base u use and if u experience creasing or smearing. *

i will try it again with an e/s base ( i currently have udpp & too faced shadow insurance- so i'll try em both)