Most Over rated MAC Shadow?


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sushi flower- it doesn't show up as birght on me as i had hoped
beauty marked-i just tried it after buying it online and it just looks blah


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veluxe pearls- i can´t see any shimmer or a amazing color-it looks blah on me
lustres- i have all the glitter on my face and no color on my lid
satin taupe-make me look tired
black tied- where is the glitter after applying???!!!


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I seventh Shroom. It's the only MAC shadow I have in my main MU bag, and it doesn't do much for me - barely shows up and is too "thin" imo. A great alternative that's much more pigmented is from a Clinique duo with a shimmery warm brown. I *think* it's Like Mink but I could be wrong.

Underrated - Elite from Belle Azure! Great on warm skintones and fantastic as a bronzer.


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I can't believe so many people dislike Trax! It is my HG eyeshadow. I get so many compliments when I wear it - I think it shows up the colour in my eyes really well.


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Trax makes me look like someone punched me in the face.
Parrot is alright - didn't look good on me so I sold it, and I agree it is overrated - but not a bad shadow at all.
Idol Eyes looks gorgeous in the pan, but I heard so many horror stories about application than I've never bothered with it.


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shroom and pink freeze were two of my favorite e/s before i got new shades and learned more about mac and pigments and such! but i still love them. it must be a skintone thing... i find shroom does a good job with dramatic eyes for a highlighter..

i think i agree with idol eyes though, that's the silvery purple looking one? does nothing at all...


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I second BeautyMarked and Shroom, although I still haven't given up on BeautyMarked. I'm going to try using it wet or over a red base or something.

Pink Freeze -- Chalky, bleh

Parfait Amour -- Again, chalky, no color pay off

Vex -- Just looks grey on me :-/ I see no duo-chrome

Aquadisiac -- One of my very first MAC shadows... and my first swap item haha. The color pay off was just not what I was expecting

Honesty -- Pretty shimmer... but doesn't show up on me at all

Pink Venus -- Gave me horrible rabbit eyes... and I like pink shadows typically

Retrospeck -- Again, very pretty, but didn't show up on me


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I am totally unimpressed by satin taupe

I know people love it, but on me it looks plain old muddy!!!!


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Well, I hate greens so to me the very popular shadows like Bitter and Overgrown are icky.


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Parrot - not beacuse its not a nice color im esp attracted to blues but they just dont go well with my super pale skin and blue eyes it doesnt look right

Shroom- I love the texture and would recommend it for darker skin tones but it doesnt even show up on my barely.

Black Tied- Its more of a gray unless you pack it on

Humid- uggh one of the first colors i got from mac its preety much a forest green good in combos but def not on its own.

Bronze- Again good in combos but not on its own with my skin tone.


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Sushi flower- awful...NO pigmentation at all. Its horrible.

Parrot-I love parrot, but I agree, there are many other similar colors out there.

Amber lights- It jsut turned plain orange on was bad.

Trax- It just makes my eyes look BRUISED.

oh, and Maroon pigment. Its really NOT that pretty.

Chic 2k6

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I'd have say these lot:

Budding Beauty - I have to PACK on the color to get what I want

Pompous Blue - This e/s is a bitch to put on, it doesnt go where i want it to go at all and its unblendable

Amber Lights - This is pretty hyped up and IMO it's like metallic orange on me than metallic brinzey color, just eww lol

I'm liking blacktied, i wouldnt buy it in store but I got it in my Zandra palette.


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Amber lights - If I use it on the inner 1/3 of my eyes, they water itch and burn. Its ok as a crease colour though. Nothing special as far as Im concerned.

Parrot / kicky blue - I have the Liza pm quad and got it just for the kicky blue and I did like the colour. Nothing fantastic but it did look good on me. That said, I got pompous blue and decided to use the two together - pompous blue in the crease and kicky blue on the lid.

I saw ABSOLUTLEY NO COLOUR DIFFERENCE!!! The only way you could even tell that there were 2 shadows used was that the shimmer faded out into matte
So I swatched it on my hand and the colours are exactly the same on my skin tone, just different textures

Yet when I used it on my sister, kicky blue and pompous blue are sooo different. Im thinking of gettin rid of the quad, its such a dissapointment now, and I prefer the texture of pompous blue anyway.

Chrome yellow - makes me look like I am seriously ill. Canary yellow is a much better yellow for me, it makes my blue eyes pop and doesnt make me look like Im at deaths door.