Most versatile MAC pigment?


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What do you think is the most versatile MAC pigment? Which one do you find yourself reaching for the most? Which one is worth the investment?


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in the reg's probably melon, golden olive or vanilla - all 3 are staples for me.
one of my fav le's is subtle, its such a universal colour


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I use it as a browbone highlight, cheek highlighter, mix it with my moisturiser for a nice glow .. ahh, so many uses!


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Another vote for vanilla, but I guess I use it the most because it is just a white-ish color. It's a great go to for a highlighter and to put a bit of glow all over your face.
A beautiful, bright pigment is melon. I've used it for eyes, dabbed it on my lips, tried it on nails, and mixed it with other things for a coral-y orange-y blush.
I do have to say that no matter how much I like these colors, I don't think I will ever finish them. I think that you should get sample sizes of pigments, especially if you're not sure what color you want.



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Another vote for Vanilla too!! I just looks so lovely as a highlight on the brow, cheeks, and collar bone!! And it adds a gorgeous effect to the lipglosses and lipsticks that I've added it to!

As far as LE is concerned, I would have to say either Your Ladyship, for the same reasons as Vanilla, or Sweet Sienna because it just goes with any look! And Golden Olive is another color that I would have to say that I wear about once a week, so it is defiantely worth the investment!!


is there alot of difference between the vanilla pigment and eyeshadow?it was always the first pigment on my list to buy but i got distracted by the brighter colours
.i heard if you pour some into fix+ it gives a super nice glowy look which is prettier than fix+ alone,i have never tried but i can imagine what it would be like!


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Another vote for vanilla! it was my first pigment I've ever purchased, and I use it the most. Great for highlighting (eyes and cheek bones), lid color, tear duct, etc.


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Of the permanent colors, definately Vanilla. I use it for everything. Of the LE colors, my most used is Your Ladyship.


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Vanilla, Rose, and Your Ladyship. These can all be used as highlighters, mixed with foundation to create your own Hyper Real finish, as eyeshadows, all over colour, mixed with Fix+, mixed wit lipgloss. And you can use pigments in general to create unique nail lacquer shades.


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I use vanilla to highlight--always

I am always reaching for my coco pigment (very neutral but makes a great look)

and I love deep purple. i freaking love it

and Naked. that ones great

TamEva Le Fay

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(LE) Jardin Aires (so glad they're repromoting this) and of course my new LOVE (LE) Goldenaire piggie!

I won't be happy unless I have ten jars of each!

Greedy Wench that I am!

(LE) Your Ladyship...why, why, why is this not perm???


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Vanilla. It's beautiful, has many uses and flatters all complexions. I also really like Naked and Chocolate Brown..oh and Dark Soul.


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Vanilla, I love mixing pigments for making pressed pigments and most of the time I'll just add some vanilla to whatever color I choose and it creates a whole new beautiful shade.

I especially like doing this with darker pigments that only get used for my crease or as liner and now i can lighten them up and use all over the lid and still keep their unique color properties. =)

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