MUFE concealer or MAC concealer?


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I need to cover up my acne spots and zits .. some red, some are darkish brown
and I donno how to hide them

so do you suggest the MUFE concealer or MAC concealer?

Also can I use my finger or do I need to get a brush for this?


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I love using my MAC studio touch up concealer's SO convenient because you can basically color over your spot like using a crayon and just dab it a bit with your finger to blend...throw it in your purse for touch-ups to go!


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i would recommend the mufe full cover concealer. this stuff is awesome at hiding my acne and scars. i use a concealer brush (ecotools) for this and get very good results.


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I use Studio Finish SPF35 to hide my acne scars (mine are always dark brown) and it works great.


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i've tried both and i prefer mufe's concealer. it goes on really smooth and covers great. mac's worked fine for me when i first got it but it started to look cakey. plus mufe's shades match my skin tone a lot better.

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