MUFE & NARS Haulage


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Due to a nice summer tan I'm getting (except on my neck, gurrr), I was in need of some darker foundations. I was using MAC's Studio Sculpt in NC25, which is a great match, however, I think it was aggravating my skin.

Of course I couldn't just order foundation! I wanted to try the new MUFE Aqua Creams, which sadly they were out of #13 & 15. Also, I happened to notice NARS now sells pumps for Sheer Glow!!! YIPPIE!!! I'd been making the non-pump bottle work, but it's too easy to contaminate it, so a pump is a great add-on.

So here's what I got.

Mat Velvet+ in #30, Aqua Creams in #1, 2 & 3 and Aqua Eyes Liner in 21L

Smoke & Diamonds next to #2 - WOW!

Primer w/ SPF 20, Sheer Glow in Fiji, Multiple Tint in Cadaques, 2 Pumps, Eyeshadow Base & Violetta Eye Shadow Duo



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Originally Posted by jacquiqui
did you get the pump from the nars website or sephora?

I ordered from NARS's website. They were $6.

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