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My 1st Tutorial!! Pink*Yellow*nd Orange!!


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Well this is my first tut....it took FOREVER!! lol but i enjoyed doing it still...i tried to take the pics as best I can but some a a little odd lol....this is kind of a more subtle look for me but i like it nd i hope u guys like it too!!....follow along......

This is the finished look:

ok so this is what you will need:

Milani Flare E/S
Revved Up Pigment
Golden Lemon Pigment
Studio Gear Champagne Star Powder
Stila Smudge Pots
Feline Kohl Power
Prep+Prime Eye
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara (or mascara of your choice)
Dream Matte Mousse (or foundation of chioce)
Deep Dark MSF
Breezy Blush
Northern Lights MSF
Too Faced After Glow in Betrayal
Too Faced Beauty Balm
Flowerplay L/S
Ardell Brow Powder
224 Brush
219 Brush
Sephora Stippling (sp?) Brush
Sephora Brow Brush
Sephora Angled Liner Brush
Face Secrets Foundation Brush (4rm Sally's)
Face Secrets E/S Brush
Face Secrets Powder Brush

ok!...start with a clean moisturized face (even tho it may be a sad one)

Now add UDPP on the eyes since i do my eyes first b/c im too lazy to deal with the whole loose powder deal...blend in the UDPP

Now Take Some of the Studio Gear Star Powder w/ 224 brush

And apply all over the brow bone area

Should look like this

Now take some Golden Lemon with the small e/s brush

Pack it on to the mobile lid area like so..also extend into the crease area

There may be a crazyy amount of fallout resulting in a golden raccoon look...but take you 224 brush

and Blend!

Should look something like this

Now take some Revved Up piggie with the small e/s brush

And start adding it to the crease area

Keep adding until it is to the intensity that you like

And blend again with the 224 until it is blended to your liking...then take some milani flare e/s its like a orange e/s with the 219 brush

Then start to add it to the outer V and extend a little further into the crease then blend with 224

Should look something like this...perhaps with out the massive amount of fallout and strange look lol

and now use the 219 to take the milani flare and add it to the lower lash line then make a startled face

Now grab your lining brush and dip it in the stila smudge pot (or fluidline) and start making the line from the middle of the lid

and keep extending to create the little wing

Then fill in the line on the inner lash line and after this begin to line your lower waterline

ok it should look like this at this point

And now since i like my liner to be pretty dark i take the feline kohl power and go over the stila liner with it

now add a few coats of mascara

this is what the eyes should look like

ok now add concealer to the icky spots I use mac prep and prime eye b/c it works fine as concealer but i dont like it as a base so this is the only way i would use it

Now take your foundation and apply to the face with foundation brush

Then take the Natural MSF..just swirl the powder brush in it

and buff it on!!

ok now grab ur breezy blush and make ur smily face and add it to the apples...i use the stippling brush for this part

i like to apply my blush lightly like thisss

now do the same with northern lights msf...then take the too faced after glow and add it around the temple area in a C shape

now blend so you dont like a glitter faerie...then take the too faced lip balm and put it on the dry lips...mine look like they mite fall off or sumthing eww

yaaay 4 lip balm!!

ok now put flowerplay on top of the lip balm

and don't forget to fill in ur brows!!! i always do this last...b/c im weird like that

AAAHHHaa now cam whore 4 ten min. b4 running off to ur besties house

lol well thats all 4 today my lovlies!!....i doubt i'll do another tut 4 awhile....ahh


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Wow, this really looks great. Thanks for posting it! I love the color combo! So, is that mousse foundation working well for you? Because I've been wanting to try it.


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Originally Posted by lilMAClady
Where do you get Studio Gear Star powder? I've never heard of it. It looks fab!

i got it from ulta nd when i first got it i didnt really like it but then i figured out it makes a really good highlight so i love it now...but you could probably check out the ulta website to see if its on there


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Originally Posted by woopsydaissy
Wow, this really looks great. Thanks for posting it! I love the color combo! So, is that mousse foundation working well for you? Because I've been wanting to try it.

Yah it actually works really well for me and i always use it b/c its one of the only foundations that doesnt make me break out..but if ur going to try it make sure to moisturize well b4 b/c if theres any dryness the dream matte will make it look 10X worse thats the only thing i hate about it


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Originally Posted by HeartsANDkisses
Great job!
Are those colored contacts? If so, which kind are they? They look great! If not, then you have beautiful eyes! =)

indeed they are!! lol they're freshlook colorblends in grey or gray however u wanna spell it lol and thank you very much!!


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I never would have thought to pair Golden Lemon and Revved up! I am definitely going to try now though, this turned out lovely!


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the makeup looks great, and you have one of those beautiful smiles that lights up your whole face! Really pretty.

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