My Aurora Farms CCO Haul Today!


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Happy Mother's Day to anyone who is a Mom or takes care of their loved ones. Hopefully you and your family have found a way to honor all the hard work you do throughout the year.
I stopped by the CCO at Aurora Farms Outlets today and wanted to give anyone a heads up as to what is in stock. If you live in the Cleveland area it is worth a trip! The store had a beautiful setup of Bobbi Brown, I mean tons of stuff with really cool leather traincases and lots of her little palettes. None of the traincases were very large, they definitely could not be used for professional use. These were more for your dresser but they were multi-tiered, had plenty of slots for your lipsticks and some even included makeup.
Okay now onto the task at hand!!! I picked up a Mellow Flame Lipstick, from the Smoke Signals collection, a Molasses eyeliner, a 224 brush (19.75 thank you very much), a Velvet Teddy lipstick and 2 Double Shot amplified lipsticks. Double Shot was my absolute favorite l/s until they discontinued! I have been wathching ebay for awhile now and have considered paying the higher prices for but I have been getting by with Half and Half. Anyway the lipsticks were 10.00 a piece. The Mellow Flame was an impulse purchase, I think it looks a little Orange on me but welcome suggestions of a lipliner to help with this!
Oh, and the store had some Heatherette eyeshadow palettes but no lipsticks. Some Fafi stuff as well. Brush sets, Romantique lipstick sets, some various eyeshadow and lipstick palettes. I would have bought more but I am so excited about this summer's different collections. HTH my fellow Clevelanders.


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Great haul, I definitely need to take a trip down there!
Last time I was there I didn't find anything at all =[

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