My eyeshadow collection (no pics)


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I'm a huge eyeshadow collector so this list is constantly changing, here it is so far (some shadows are from a quad/palette)...i will keep updating as i buy more disc or le ones, i will slowly but surely own our perm line and mac pro line...hehehe


1.Caring Coral (matte)
2.printemps (veluxe)
3.summerwieght (lustre)
4.well-finished (lustre)
5.tailored (veluxe pearl)
6.look see (matte)
7.Li’Lilly (satin)
8.zinc bar (lustre)
9.pale out (frost)
10.tabby (lustre)
11.grey grape (matte)
12.hoppin’ (frost)
13.mood ring (veluxe pearl)
14.cloudburst (velvet) petals (frost)
16.V.I.P (veluxe)
17.cassette (veluxe pearl)
18.gingersoft (veluxe pearl)
19.pearl of earth (veluxe pearl)
20.cinders (Veluxe pearl)
21.tease’n teal (frost)
22.with a twist (veluxe pearl, labeled VS instead of VP)
23.till daybreak (satin)
24.nightbird (frost)
25.gallant (frost)
26.sunnyside up (frost)
27.parrot (frost)
28.unwind (veluxe pearl)
29.adlib (lustre)
30.novel twist (lustre)
31.twirl twirl (veluxe)
32.crème royal (veluxe pearl)
33.silver fog (frost)
34.stately black (lustre)
35.manor (frost)
36.velvet lady (veluxe)
37.medallion (Veluxe pearl)
38.silvewear (frost)
39.trophy pink (frost)
40.modern heir (frost)
41.queen’s jewel (veluxe pearl)
42.palatial (satin)
43.maid of honor (satin)
44.rondelle (frost)
45.courtly grey (Matte)
46.majestic (Lustre)
47.knight (Veluxe pearl)
48.Sunday best (frost)
49.nobility (satin)
50.showstopper (matte)
51.restless (satin)
52.take wing (matte)
53.tickles (lustre)
54.bravado (veluxe pearl)
55.well-plumed (velvet)
56.courage (frost)
57.shroom (satin)
58.carbon to nothing (frost)
60.smoking (velvet)
61.waft(frost, labeled matte)
62.gentle fume (velvet)
63.bold as gold (lustre)
64.shockwave (velvet)’re fresh (lustre)
66.prankster (satin)
67.hey (veluxe pearl)
68.howzat (satin)
69.aria (satin)
70.fake (satin)
71.pure energy (frost)
72.sultress (satin) (frost)
74.statuesque (veluxe)
75.primal (satin)
76.roustabout (satin) pearl (matte)
78.perverted pearl (frost)
79.pinkling (matte)
80.unreally blue (veluxe)
81.decorater pink (frost)
82.semi-tone griege (frost)
83.excitable yellow (velvet)
84.sublimed green (satin)
85.shaded mint (satin)
86.girlishous (frost)
87.kicky blue (frost)
88.performance (satin)
89.tuape note (matte)
90.soft heart (matte)
91.vapour (frost)
92.leap (frost)
93.footwork (veluxe pearl)
94.terre a terre (lustre)
95.silver charm (lustre)
96.titillate (satin)
97.lounge wear (frost)
98.trousseau (frost)
99.girl meets boy (frost)
100.hard to please (frost)
101.modelette (satin)
102.pleasurepurr (frost)
103.faintly fleur (lustre)
104.prize bloom (veluxe pearl)
105.rare specimen (lustre)
106.sunseed (frost)
107.blossomcherry (velvet)
108.early lawn (lustre)
109.cloudbound (frost)
110.up at dawn (veluxe pearl)
111.violet trance (matte)
112.pandemonium (lustre)
113.sugarlily (frost)
114.hard to please (frost) like paris (frost)
116.forgery (lustre)
117.julep (veluxe pearl)
118.lustreleaf (lustre)
119.lightweight black (velvet)
120.cuddle (satin)
121.warm me, girl (lustre)
122.playful (veluxe pearl)
123.nearly night (satin)
124.sugarwhite (velvet)
125.sub-green (satin)
126.pushup pink (matte)
127.slated (matte)
128.almond icing (frost)
129.demi-sweet (satin)
130.sugar blue (velvet)
131.gatuex (frost)
132.smut (velvet) to be (satin)
134.crochet (veluxe)
135.sensibility (frost)
136.white wheat (frost)
137.velour (satin)
138.inventive (velvet)
139.twillery (veluxe pearl)
140.rye (frost)
141.sketch (velvet)
142.thunder (frost)
143.scarab (veluxe pearl)
144.laze (satin)
145.kid (veluxe)
146.shale (satin)
147.juiced (velvet)
148.brown script (matte2)
149.anglecake (frost)
150.bamboo (matte) yellow (matte)
152.mulch (velvet)
153.da bling (veluxe pearl)
154.era (satin)
155.llama (matte)
156.fig 1 (matte2) brick (pro)
158.rule (matte) marked (velvet)
160.honey lust (lustre)
161.corduroy (matte)
162.vellum (frost)
163.copperplate (matte2)
164.seedy pearl (frost)
165.gesso (matte)
166.frigid (frost, screw top)
167.scene (matte, screw top)
168.butterscotch (satin, screw top)
169.sketch (velvet, screw top)
170.poise (frost, screw top)
171.clone (velvet, screw top)
172.temper (satin, screw top)
173.ochre (matte, screw top)
174.melody (satin, screw top & propalette)
175.typographic (matte2)
176.warming trend (veluxe pearl)
177.magnetic fields (lustre, labeled veluxe pearl) the fleet (matte)
179.evening aura (veluxe pearl)
180.dazzlelight (veluxe pearl)
181.chill (satin)
182.illegal cargo (frost)
183.mystic (frost, large eyeshadow) tone brown (matte, large eyeshadow)
185.duraclear yellow (matte, large eyeshadow)
186.texture (velvet, large eyshadow)
187.carbon (matte, large eyeshadow)
188.cheek (matte , large eyeshadow)
189.grain (satin, large eyeshadow)
190.frame (frost, large eyeshadow)
191.chroma green garter (frost, large snake eyeshadow)
192.chroma sinful serpent (frost, large snake eyeshadow)
193.chroma copper cobra (frost, large snake eyeshadow)
194.chroma purple python (frost, large snake eyeshadow)
195.femme-fi (veluxe pearl)
196.time & space (frost)
197.samoa silk (veluxe)
198.hemp (matte, screwtop)
199.gulf stream (frost)
200.climate blue (velvet)
201.mylar (satin)
202.malt (matte)
203.belle azure (veluxe pearl)
204.stroke of midnight (frost)
205.submarine (frost) heat (frost) white (frost)
208.shore leave (veluxe pearl)
209.warm chill (frost)
210.stencil (matte) flame (veluxe pearl) silver (mineralize eyeshadow)
213.mi’lady (mineralize eyeshadow)
214.blanc type (matte2)
215.aquadisiac (lustre) menthe (frost)
217.passionate (matte)
218.say, yeah (veluxe pearl)
219.lyric (satin)
220.turquatic (lustre)
221.meadowland (frost)
222.leisuretime (veluxe pearl, purple one)
223.krisp (satin)
224.pagan (satin)
225.gris (satin)
226.washout (satin)
227.mineralism (lustre)
228.heavenly bliss (frost)
229.sweeten up (frost) papillon (frost)
231.snappy (frost)
232.ingénue blue (veluxe)
233.slip pink (velvet)
234.bitter (velvet)
235.newly minted (matte2)
236.atlantic blue (pro)
237.humid (frost) calm (pro)
239.aqua (pro) green (pro)
241.clarity (matte2) (satin)
243.deep truth (frost)
244.silver ring (veluxe pearl)
245.moon’s reflection (veluxe pearl)
246.bright sunshine (pro)
247.Indian ink(pro)
248.vibrant grape (pro)
249.overgrown (satin) (velvet)
251.coral (matte, not pro) tangent (frost)
253.peppier (velvet)
254.fab & flashy (frost)
255.D’bohemia (velvet)
256.sunplosion (veluxe pearl)
257.firespot (veluxe pearl)
258.whistle (satin)
259.frisco (matte)
260.petalescent (satin) sleep (velvet)
262.taupeless (lustre)
263.romantique (lustre)
264.innuendo (frost)
265.mancatcher (frost)
266.memorabilia (matte, labeled frost)
267.iris print (velvet)
268.zeal (velvet)
269.floral fantasy (satin)
270.midnight blue (pro)
271.endless love (matte)
272.romping (frost)
273.jeweltone (velvet)
274.fertile (veluxe pearl)
275.thunder (frost, dark purple one) contraire (frost)
277.intoxicate (veluxe)
278.eyepopping (satin)
279.fluff (satin)
280.honesty (lustre) tied (velvet)
282.flashtrack (veluxe pearl)
283.tilt (frost)
284.patina (frost)
285.surreal (frost)
286.peridot (lustre)
287.shimmermoss (veluxe pearl)
288.freshwater (veluxe pearl)
289.steamy (frost)
290.juxt (satin)
291.cranberry (frost)
292.swimming (lustre)
293.sumptuous olive (veluxe pearl)
294.issue (satin)
295.behold (veluxe)
296.alum (satin)
297.clue (frost)
298.cumulus (frost)
299.swan lake (frost)
300.anti-establishment (frost)
301.charred (frost)
302.diesel (frost)
303.moth brown (frost)
304.French grey (satin)
305.greystone (matte)
306.suspicion (velvet)
307.oceanique (frost) blanca (frost)
309.rite of spring (veluxe pearl)
310.daisychain (satin)
311.magic dust (frost)
312.light ray (lustre)
313.charmer (matte)
314.summer neutral (frost)
315.rose blanc (veluxe pearl)
316.spring up (frost)
317.bagatelle (frost)
318.cosmic (veluxe pearl)
319.lightshade (velvet)
320.goldbit (lustre)
321.Claire de lune (satin)
322.aquavert (veluxe pearl)
323.prose and fancy (satin)
324.meadow (satin) absinthe (frost)
326.big T (frost)
327.jewel blue (veluxe)
328.lucky green (veluxe pearl)
329.springtime skipper (veluxe pearl) gamin (matte)
331.guacamole (satin)
332.wondergrass (frost)
333.saturnal (frost)
334.fiction (frost)
335.silly goose (veluxe)
336.seedling (satin)
337.symmetry (matte) flesh (matte)
339.botanical (lustre)
340.sensualize (lustre)
341.flirty number (frost)
342.rummy (matte)
343.B-rich (velvet)
344.a little folie (matte)
345.beautyburst (satin)
346.agate (lustre)
347.ochre style (frost)
348.going bananas (frost)
349.greensmoke (lustre)
350.flourishing (matte2)
351.fade (satin)
352.gorgeous gold (veluxe pearl)
353.amber lights (frost)
354.zonk Bleu! (veluxe pearl)
355.bronze (frost)
356.amythyst (lustre)
357.steep (veluxe)
358.little minx (frost)
359.lola (matte)
360.laven-dah! (matte)
361.blu noir (veluxe)
362.crimsonette (frost)
363.gladabout (frost)
364.venus (satin)
365.safari (matte)
366.idol eyes (lustre)
367.electra (frost)
368.violet, dear (lustre)
369.contrast (velvet)
370.plumage (matte)
371.filament (lustre)
372.ricepaper (frost)
373.phloof! (frost)
374.orb (satin)
375.hush (frost)
376.naked lunch (frost)
377.electric eel (satin)
378.icebox (lustre)’lily (lustre)
380.digit (satin)
381.fineshine (lustre)
382.rivera rose (lustre)
383.unorthodox (satin)
384.femme noir (veluxe)
385.crystal (frost)
386.modest tone (satin)
387.nile (satin)
388.remotely grey (satin)
389.dark edge (satin)
390.bark (matte)
391.sante fe (matte)
392.neutral pink (satin)
393.tempting (lustre)
394.pen’n’pink (matte2)
395.phase (satin)
396.girlie (satin)
397.swish (frost) venus (lustre)
399.creme de violet (frost)
400.stars‘n’rockets (veluxe pearl)
401.beautiful iris (veluxe pearl)
402.purple haze (matte)
403.poisin pen (matte2)
404.satellite dreams (veluxe pearl)
405.parfait amour (frost)
406.trax (velvet) violet (veluxe pearl)
408.parsley sage (satin)
409.lazy green (satin)
410.nighttrian (lustre)
411.olive groove (lustre)
412.sea myth (frost)
413.chillblue (lustre)
414.early morning (satin)
415.frill (satin)
416.earthly delight (lustre)
417.jasmine (velvet) gold (velvet)
419.limit (matte)
420.nanogold (lustre)
421.electro sky (satin)
422.pollen (frost) source (lustre) de rosa (satin)
425.mink pink (veluxe)
426.jete (veluxe pearl)
427.banshee (lustre)
428.scene 1 (velvet) living pink (veluxe pearl)
430.budding beauty (frost) pink (frost)
432.playful (satin)
433.full flame (velvet)
434.falling star (veluxe pearl)
435.dovefeather (veluxe)
436.lavender sky (veluxe pearl)
437.melton mauve (veluxe)
438.wonderful (satin)
439.dream (satin)
440.brill (satin)
441.hipnotique (satin)
442.haunting (satin)
443.fountain blu (frost)
444.felt blue (veluxe)
445.bang on blue (frost) storm (frost)
447.moon flower (frost)
448.pompous blue (velvet)
449.stormwatch (matte) edge (velvet)
451.wait till dark (frost)
452.brown down (veluxe)
453.espresso (matte)
454.sable (frost)
455.all that glitters (veluxe pearl)
456.soft brown (matte)
457.retrospeck (lustre)
458.white frost (frost)
459.nylon (frost)
460.bisque (matte)
461.goldmine (frost)
462.print (satin)
463.blackberry (matte)
464.nocturnelle (frost) on plums (mineralize)
466.sea sky (mineralize) contrast (mineralize) connection (mineralize)
469.two to glow (mineralize)
470.polar opposites (mineralize)
471.odd couple (mineralize) split (mineralize)
473.fresh green mix (mineralize)
474.glama ray (lustre)
475.atlas (satin)
476.quicktone tan (satin, large eyeshadow)


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What...? How...? That is incredible! I would go nuts trying to figure out what to use each day! How do you store them all? And if you put them in palettes, how many do you have? Just wow. Amazing!


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I have all in palettes, except for quads, they stay in thier pre made goodness. I have about 12 or more 15 pan palettes.


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I didn't know that many colors existed.... wowzahs! When you going to post pics, so we can drool some more???


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I'm working on taking pics, i just keep getting new shadows weekly from here or ebay. Im telling you this is an addiction! i really want to own all the mac shadows which is nearly impossible but im going to try!!!


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is this a list of all your shadows including the ones that come in the quads and holiday palettes? if so, WOW! i mean i have a lot of shadows, but i dont think i come even close to yours.


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Originally Posted by MACgirl
yes it includes palletes and quads love! updated on july 6th, 2008!

is there any shadows that you know of that you dont have?

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