my favs sellers of fake MAC on ebay !


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I was browsing ebay and was astounded at how many sellers,have different IDs to sell their cra**y replica Mac!Below is a list of my favs sellers who have exceed in sales of these fakes :
Leanne12381- fake Dazzleglass,Viva GlamGaga Lipstick in 17 shades! item nu:330550324456 no
the above listing for the fake VG lippy,really pi**ed me off
as proceeds from genuine go to women,children and men living with HIV/AIDS virus *i will be reporting these and if you have 5min please do the same

Easytiger12381- same fakes as above ,this seller exceeds in sales of fake Dazzleglass
cookie12381 -same as,same as item nu: 250795595311
Williamscubaman - item nu;220761310470. fake Dazzleglass,blush,foundation,and this ermm Mac make up bag which i think i must buy

item nu:220762817704

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clearoff11-Item number: 180647221353 lots of of fake Give me Liberty of London lippy& eyeshadows

[h=3]2449richard (the above seller other ID)Item number: 190515899672[/h]
[h=3]photos of their fakes below wow complete with quality sponge applicator!!




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I think it's so ridiculous that people still buy the fake eyeshadows from ebay with the 'secret' compartment with mirror and applicator o.0 - and also that the sellers are allowed to sell what is so obviously fake.

I do love the Lady Gaga eyeshadow palettes that have been popping up though. I must get my hands on this quality merchandise!! =D