My friends makeup for her Birthday Gala.


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There was such a rush I only got two pics. One of her and another girl I did on the court. My friend had this huge party with a royal court, where she was the queen. Decorated venue, caterring, processional..etc...It was just sooo crazy..loved it. I colors for the event were pink and silver. I just decided to stay in the pink, silver, and purple range. She was very adimant about everyone looking similar. Sooo yea, to match with the silver and her expectations I had to stay right here with the colors.

First someone on her court,


Now her,



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Thanks everyone soo much! It was definitely a learning experience and it really boosted my confidence. I had to do their makeup outside in a park, because the lighting in the dressing room was horrible.

So all these people were passing by looking and stopping asking for my business card. Thank the Lord I started actively carrying them, because I am a student first.

It was soo fun. A tutorial. lol Me...yea I don't think they are that good. I'll let you know the colors when I get home to my kit though.

Hasta. ;-D


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wow. Sounds like a SERIOUS party!! And your work is absolutely beautiful- you need to put up some tutorials for us!

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