My head hurts. Really bad.


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Congrats on the job! They made the right choice


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OMG! Yay! Soooooo happy for you! I will have to introduce myself when I'm in the area! Good for you, hun! Happy holidays!


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Congratulations on the job.
& I can't wait to make fudge either. I found a recipe for some cookies n cream fudge yumm.
Eye makeup looks spectacular. & I can't get over how beautiful your bone structure looks in the last picture. It's stellar. (Sorry I've been listening to entirely to much Incubus.)


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I know i've said this before but i can never see your pictures. Whenever i open up your threads... it makes my computer all weird & doesnt let me look at any pictures until i close everything out & bring it back up! It really sucks too cause you are one of my favorites around here! What do you use to post your pictures here?? Like, i use Photobucket... what do you use??