My "Interview"


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After playing phone tag with the retail manager for two days, I decided to just go up there to talk to the her, and fill out an application (they didn't have one when I asked at the store, but I was given the manager's business card). Well, they were out of applications (again), and she needed to get copies made and asked me if I would walk with her to the back and talk with her while copies were being made. She asked me my experience in make-up and retail. She asked me why I wanted to work at MAC (I basically had a script prepared for this one). She even said after, "See, I could tell by looking at you that you're one of us." She said she loved my style, my hair, what I did with my eyes, and that I had great skin. So she asked if it was possible if I could drive to Houston for a make-up interview with the trainer and then asked when I could do that. And then I mentioned that I was in school... She got disappointed, said she would like to send me to Houston but that they needed someone who is VERY flexible, and didn't want to "set me up for failure." So she told me she would file my application and she'd look over it, and if there are still positions available when I get out of school for holidays (mid-December), she'd call. She even had me put that I had spoken with her, the date, and "burgundy hair" on top of the application. Soooo I'm not sure if I'll get it
But at least I got a word in with her, and she seemed to like me. Hopefully, they'll still need people when I'm out of school or they'll still remember me when they do need someone who isn't as flexible. :-/


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I would follow up with her once your out of school. Hopefully there will still be a postion open. Good Luck!


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follow up for sure!! good luck! and dang you look like ashley simpson in your profile pic =)

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