My MAC POSTCARD COLLECTION from 1994 with photos!


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2007- hit the max for this page. Please check at front!!

Catherine Deneuve –Icon-
In Mode - all 4 cards-Nordstroms exclusive
In Mode –notebooks- Nordstroms exclusive
Culturebloom- Feb 2006
Culturebloom Invite
Culturebloom promo
Culturebloom horizontal
Culturebloom disk
Viva Glam with Pam Anderson –single card
FACE mailer –April 2006
Wicked Invite- April 2006
MAC playbill- Singapore
Prep & Prime -ASIA (different from 2005)
Sundressing invite coaster- May
Sundressing invite -body
Sundressing counter card
Liquid Last-ASIA
Lure invite
Lure Huge foldout mailer
Lure square
Y & Kei-ASIA
BroadwayBares 2006- New York Strip
Patternmaker foldout-Nordstrom exclusive
MAC VIVA GLAM 20th ANNIVERSARY -EVERYTHING! The table book, ticket, ticket holder, event folder, postcards, poster, AND 4 CD's of the past Viva Glam events incl Bollywood
See Thru Color -Asia
BAPE aka A Bathing Ape from Asia
Here And Now- special MAC event-August
L.A. Exclusive MAC event held only in one location in FRANCE
Untamed- August
Untamed invitation-vertical
Untamed invitation-horizontal
Untamed foldout w/cd
Fall 06 Foldout w/Untamed, Rockocco,Studio Mist
Boy Beauty from THAILAND
Techniques- Asia exclusive
VivaGlam VI foldout
VivaGlam VI individual card with all 4 spokesmodels
Sundays Best - MAC AIDS Benefit
Heaven & Hell- MAC AIDS Benefit
MAC Try On Foundation Pacs- Asia Blk & white
Zandra Rhodes
Sweetie Cakes
Out Loud
Lip Varnish
Studio Mist
Black Lace Formal Wear invite
Nocturnelle mailer
BOO for Halloween
Danse-full body
Danse- 2 sided w/cutouts
Danse-foldout from Asia
Danse- sparkly S
Danse- plain silver S
Danse- extreme closeup
Corona X'mas -Asia
X'mas Party- Asia

Madame B
Madame B closeup
Madame B Look Book
Flutterfly from Madame B- ASIA-
Diana Ross –Icon Feb 2005
Tinted Lip Conditioner Stick Guy –Feb
Wing Tips-ASIA- Feb 2005
FluidLine- ASIA-Feb 2005
Doubles –March 2005
Texture – ASIA-April 2005
Tinted Lip Conditioner Stick- ASIA
Beau April 2005
Bridal-bouquet of flowers- Canada
Cleanse Off Oils- Tranquil- ASIA
D’Bohemia May 2005
D’Bohemia- half face
D'Bohemia-White front-back has products/ face & handbag
D'Bohemia-White front- back has products/bikini & hat
D'Bohemia- folout invitation mailer

Star Vegas- UK & US May
Points of Hue –ASIA- May
Lustreglass May 2005
Lipgelee –ASIA & AUSTRALIA- June
Belle Azure- June
Belle Azure horizontal split-page postcard with model and flowers
Belle Azure lookbook
Belle Azure foldout
Belle Azure folout from ASIA- different faces inside
Summer 2005 lookbook
Viva Glam/Broadway Bares 2005
Tailormade July
Tailormade foldout
Rebel Rock July
Rebel Rock Silent Auction
Bollywood Cowboy- Canada –The Outlaw
Bollywood Cowboy- Canada- The Temptress
Bollywood Cowboy- Canada- The Courtesan
Bollywood Cowboy- Canada –The Heroine
Bollywood Cowboy- Canada- The Heiress
Lustervision-ASIA Aug
Naturally Eccentric Aug
Naturally Eccentric horizontal mailer
Naturally Eccentric foldout
MAC for Isabella Blow aka Featherhead- Sept
Beauty Spots- Asia- Sept
Idol Eyes ASIA Sept
Creamstick ASIA Sept
Ornamentalism OCT
Ornamentalism Invitation w/Envelope
Ornamentalism- Horizontal mailer
Holiday 2005 Crock Invitation
Every Day is World Aids Day -2005 Copper
Viva Glam V w/Pam Anderson foldout-facing front
Viva Glam V w/Pam Anderson foldout from back
Viva Le Rouge Aids Event card- Oct
Viva Le Rouge Aids Event Book
Viva Le Rouge actualy photos from the event

Who's That Lady mailer –Nov
Tint Toons ASIA Dec
Lingerie – Dec
Lingerie horizontal mailer
Lingerie with Fishnet cover
Lips swivel fan book- ASIA
Lightful products folder- ASIA
Lightful FACE folder -Asia
Eyebrow Shaping- AUSTRALIA
Perfect- ASIA
Prep + Prime -Japanese-
Prep & Prime handout-ASIA
Sulthree Glamour-Dim Sum Dollies- Singapore
MAC from UK with all the store listings foldover card
MARRY ME in Spanish
Sheer 7- ASIA
Lady Sol
GOLD PLAY-year? VERY Rare card

MAC opening in Shangahi celebrating Chinese New Year:Entire Set
Chinese Dress- Pearl
Chinese Dress- Lily Pad
Chinese Dress- Noir
Chinese Dress- Peonies - 2 girls in Red
Chinese Dress- The Vase- Girl w/hat
Chinese Dress- Red Headdress
Chinese Dress- Gold Leaf
Chinese Dress- The Fan- girl in tiger stripes
Chinese Dress- Lady with Cap-mountains
Chinese Dress- Wave
Chinese Dress- Blue Willow
Chinese Dress- Man in Black
Chinese Dress Body Painting Information on collection card

Brazil 40 degrees from the UK
Taste Tease- Jan
Hipnotique –ASIA- Feb
Hipnotique with large swirls-ASIA
Every Day is World Aids Day-2004
Viva Glam V full foldout with Boy George - March
Viva Glam/Broadway Bares 2004
Viva Glam IV- Elton John & Mary Blige & Lil Kim RED
Tone +- ASIA-April
Up The Amp- 4x6 and 5x7
Rock It- ASIA-April
Chrome Zone- ASIA
Lusterful- ASIA- Spring
Lustreglass –ASIA-May
Lustrevision- ASIA
Lustrelong -Asia
LA PRO Remodeling
MAC Behind The Scenes-Spring 2004 foldout
Salsabelle – May
Salsabelle with color gradient-horizontal-Rare
Shadesticks –ASIA-May
Hyper Real Foundation- June
Delish- ASIA-June
Tantress- June
Rococo-w/gold overlay- July
Rococo without gold overlay
Tempt Me -Aug
Tease Me- Aug
Tempt Me/Tease Me double card
Tease Me Book
Love Matte- ASIA-Sept
Red Haute Invitation- Sept
Adorn Face-invitation Oct
Adorn Bronze, Purple, Green Gems
Adorn Gem Invitation
Adorn Holiday Gift Bags
Adorn Yourself - Compacts- Canada only
Zoom Lash-ASIA Oct
High Tea- Dec
Couple Up –Dec
Cleanse Off Oils- Bottles- ASIA
Cleanse Off Oils- Face- ASIA
Nail Lacquer-Black hand –ASIA
Tinted Lip Conditioner- products
Peachy- ASIA
Rock It- ASIA
Studio Perfect- face-ASIA
Velux Pearl- ASIA
Foundation Try On Pacs –black- ASIA
Foundation Try On Pacs- white- ASIA
Talk Trends w/envelope- ASIA
White on White-ASIA
Strobeundercover -ASIA
NEXT at Nordstroms
Black Square glossy MAC from Australia
MAC for Marsha

Pop Mode- March
Pop Mode -Green -Really Rare
Pop Mode Lookbook
Sparkle-ize- ASIA-April
Lustre Lust- smaller card-ASIA April
Lustre Lust -large card-April ASIA
Splashproof-ASIA May
Aquadisiac – May
Aquadisiac with fish overlay-RARE
Viva Glam III w/Mary Blige & Lil Kim-gold w/bodies
Viva Glam/Broadway Bares 2003
Viva Glam/Broadway Bares 2003 additional view
World Aids Day w/Elton John/Mary Blige /Lil Kim sitting Black & White
Amplified- Australia-June
Tan Ray- June
Go Lightly- small card-July
Go Lightly -large card
Sheer 7 - ASIA
Browse Foldout- Hong Kong- July
Veluxe Pearl- Aug
Femme Noir- color –Aug
Femme Noir- Black and White 4x6
Femme Noir- Black and White RARE 5x7
MAC Backstage Pass Fall 2003 FOLDOUT
Fibre Lash- Oct
Liza for MAC – Oct
Holidazzle- large and small cards –Oct
Holidazzle- with star bursts on card
Sexie Eddie Izzard- Nov
Creations –ASIA -Nov
Creations- foldout with perfumes
Creations- very large foldout with perfumes plus collection of flower and nature photo
Playboy w/lipstick and compact –ASIA
Playboy flip open card-ASIA
Playboy Horizontal
Be Seen –Dec
Deck of Cards-Body Paintings
Tangs/Haute –Lips-ASIA
Tinted Lip Conditioner products –Dec 2003 ?
Fashion Cares BACKSTAGE The After Party/ CASINO (two sided card)

Peacenick- color- 4x6 Feb
Peacenick- color 5x7
Peacenick- Non colored card
Peacenick-coloring book
Dolled Up –4x6 Feb
Dolled up 5x7
Pool Party- May
Pool Party full body
Smolder- June
Lustre Lips
Circus Circus –Blue- Canada
Circus Circus- Green -Canada
Viva Glam IV- Elton John & Mary Blige & Lil Kim BLACK & WHITE
Viva Glam/Broadway Cares/Broadway Bares 2002
Viva Glam/Broadway Cares/Broadway Bares 2002 additional view
World Aids Day with Elton John/Mary Blige/Lil Kim –cut off red card
Sleek Chic- Aug 2002
Sleek Chic -without writing on card
Lux Delux- Oct both sizes 4x6 and 5x7
Snow Girl – Nov
Fab Florals 4x6– Dec
Fab Florals 5x7
Perverted Pearl 5x7 A REAL CATCH!

Cuisine- lipsticks- March
Cuisine 2
Eden Rocks with Radio –May
Eden Rocks with Chair
Viva Glam/Broadway Bares 2001
Haute Voltage- single face- Aug 2001
Haute Voltage- Double face
Black Tied – closeup-
Black Tied 5x7 -closeup
Black Tied –body wrap
Everyday Is World Aids Day
Fashion Cares 15 Years- Viva Glam Garden Party Program Book

Huetopia- April
Viva Glam/Broadway Bares 2000
Back to MAC hands-square card
Bombshells- May
Viva Glam III w/Mary Blige & Lil Kim-white
Lady Danger- Aug
Lady Danger 4 panel
Merry MAC mas – Ru Paul closeup w/Xmas Balls – Nov
Merry MAC mas – Ru Paul larger w/ Xmas Balls
Floating World -Fashion Cares -one of my favorite cards of all

5 Sins of Lipglass- full set of 6 including the main card- ITALY- Feb
Viva Glam/Broadway Bares 1999
MAC Pro- blue brush stroke
MAC Pro-Performance Tested
Pure- ITALY-March
Pure- Different version and size of card
PURE-with Kool Kat front- no writing
PURE-with multiple PURE's down the front
Bronz-ploitation-girl- May
Bronz-ploitation-body image- May
Bronz-ploitation-products- May
Retro Matte –Aug
Time Rocker – Red –Aug
Time Rocker- Yellow
Time Rocker- Blue
Time Rocker Products-Italy
Frozen White- Dec
Essences of MAC-folded card

Shades of Venus- March 1998
Cream Color
Viva Glam- Ru Paul / K D Lang/Frank T spelling Viva Glam in BLACK with their bodies
Voyez La Vie en Rose- French/Hey, I'll Be There in English.
Cream Color Base
Earth Goddess

Broadway Bares L.A. West Coast Premier 1997
Viva Glam/Broadway Bares 1997
Viva Glam II- K D Lang 1997
Viva Glam II- K D Lang tour book with MAC
Pretty Handy
Shave-with back of head and girl
Shave- with multiple abstracts
JET- Chic Glam-Color Abstractions Spring 97

Broadway Bares -Less is More

Viva Glam I- Ru Paul spelling Viva Glam in RED with his body
Back to Mac w/hands
MAC Lipglass
MAC Viva Glam Lipstick foldout huge 11 inches tall x 4 1/2 inches heavy paper


I also have but have to find dates for these:

Hyper Real Foundation (with mannequins),
Brow Wow,
RIGHT FINISH Foundation- very old foldout
The Lion King
Dress Up & Make Up (Mirror)
MAC Foundation Try On Pacs- different than the others.


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Originally Posted by VuittonVictim
niiiiiiice but pics would be the bomb!!

I will be doing pics in a bit.. very hard to do since I keep them in a binder...but I will post some of the rarer and new cards that most dont see
The one for Floating World is over on the journal in's gorgeous.


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If I could have directions to your house that would be great!

Also can you please let me know when you will not be home, where you hide the postcards and if you have a dog or an alarm.

Thank you



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another addition: from 2002- this is probably my favorite postcard at the's just beautiful... !




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If you see any others on my list that you have no idea what it looks like, just ask...

ya know I love my "babies" ...


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I would like to see Snow Girl, Shave, Frozen White and the 5 Sins of Lipglass - would love to see that... damn I wish I could see all of them! if it isn't to much trouble that is


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Originally Posted by bebs
I would like to see Snow Girl, Shave, Frozen White and the 5 Sins of Lipglass - would love to see that... damn I wish I could see all of them! if it isn't to much trouble that is

Frozen White is on here already.... I will post some of the others for ya!


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Originally Posted by 'Nessa
If I could have directions to your house that would be great!

Also can you please let me know when you will not be home, where you hide the postcards and if you have a dog or an alarm.

Thank you


I have 2 cats! One will open the door and say HI! My name is Rascal, what can I do for you? Bear will be hiding under the bed wondering if you'll find him. As for the cards....some are put away in 3 inch wide binders, some are laying out. You shouldn't have any trouble finding them!!! hahaahh!! aware, the owner does have nails and will come after you big time!