My Mostly Sundressing Haul


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Okay, so lucky for me my MAC counter is always two weeks late in getting things, what with the way shipping things to Hilo works. Anyway, they just got in the liquidlast liners, there was a crapload of sundressing stuff left, and I was even able to get a thing or two from sweetie cake. Here goes...

Liquidlast Liners: aquline and blue herizon

Eye Shadows: in living pink, summer neutral, bateau, and naked lunch (just cause I needed another one)

Pigments: softwash grey, lily white, pinked mauve (sample) and apricot pink (sample)

Lipsticks (all BTM): sundressing, apres sol, pink cabana, lovemate, and high tea

Lipliner: quartz and half red

Lipgelee: valentine's and goldensoft

Petit-Gloss: plum parfait (x2 - one for me and one for my sister)

Skincare: green gel cleanser and fast response eye cream (sample)

Summer Bags: all three

That's it! The scary thing is that all of this was done in less than 20 minutes...I can only imagine how much I would have spent if I had more time. Very scary thought!

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