My new job!


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Hi girls! I've been less active here lately because I've been stressed about getting a job. The hotdog shop I worked at closed down last Wednesday, and I've had interviews in hopes of getting an offer soon. You'll remember I applied at Sephora and posted the FOTD. Still no response from them, but on Saturday I was offered a job at Barnes and Noble as a bookseller! Today was my orientation, and it seems like a really great job. Unlike Matt's Gourmet Hotdogs, I get direct deposit, sick days, personal days, holiday pay, a week of paid vacation, etc.. I also get a 30% discount on books, 20% on cds and dvds, and 50% on their cafe food. They serve Cheesecake Factory cheesecake there! Yum!

One thing I'm really looking forward to is being able to dress up at work, whereas at Matt's I was too concerned about getting mustard, chili or bleach stains to wear my nice clothes. And get this- I asked my manager if I could wear makeup to work, and she replied "to your heart's content"! Yay! So I get to look pretty for work. I'm so happy. I bet I'll be able to post more FOTDs now because of that.



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Hooray for new jobs!


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that is great news--hooray for awesome managers too!
Glad to see you back, good luck at your new job!


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COngrats on getting a job that has better benefits than your last one, and one where you can be you!


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