my SECOND MAC demo... yes. 2nd.


Hi Ladies!

I've been lurking on the forums for a while but I really wanted to share in regards to my MAC demo(s).

So here's the background:

I live in the Washington, DC area. I went in January for my first interview with Homa. She called me back for my demo in February. This went TERRIBLY. I mean HORRIBLE (IMO) I was so nervous I didnt finish anything but eyes at the end of 20 minutes. The SA who was 'overseeing' my demo was a little unwelcoming and rude; threw me all the way off. ANYWAY, Homa called me later that week to tell me the SA didnt pass me on my demo but that she believes I can do it. She wanted me to take a few months and come back to demo again.

Okay so that brings us to TODAY. I went to do my second demo.... and I THINK it went pretty well. I was able to finish my models ENTIRE face this time
I was asked to do a blacktie event look in 25 mins. SO I did a lil sketch with some black tied and brule as brow hilight, blacktrack on the upper and lower lash line (slightly winged out) and a really glowy complexion. Anyway, the SA was really helpful. The main critiques were the lipstick selection (the pencil was a little to peach for my model's lip so we went browner: BBQ) and she showed me a trick with the application because I wasn't really factoring in the fact that my customer has to "go home and try to repeat this". I applied everything so meticulous that she was afraid the client would forget what I did when she tried to repeat it.

Anyway, So she showed me a trick or two and the DM came out asked her questions talked to me a little bit, they complimented my work and then she had to take another interview to the back.

Was it BAD that she didn't take me to the back again? I mean technically that was the 3rd time I'd interviewed with her, I'm not sure there was anymore she could possibly ask but I'm SO nervous. I REALLY want a position as a MAC MUA but I'm oober afraid after the first situation. She asked me about my availability and location which SEEMED like a good sign..... then the SA said Homa will call me this week..... but I'm so nervous after my last flub.


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