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MzReyes' brow tutorial :)


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alrighty... A couple ppl have asked me how I fill my brows in, so as I was doing a tutorial for one of my FOTD looks, I decided to make a separate tut for my brows! I've done this same process in my old tutorials, but the pictures don't show up anymore because photobucket is poopy

here's what I used..

ok so here are my brows.. BARE=EW!

They do not look symmetrical at all! But it's ok..

sorry it's blurry! here's my left brow, the outter half/tail thingie is lightly filled in with the spiked pencil. I make light strokes in the direction of the hair, gradually building color. It's always easier to add, than to take off!

here's the right brow.. brow set will take care of those scraggly hairs later..

Then I dab my angle brush into mystery e/s

..and draw these two stupid looking lines on the inner halves of my brows

Then, dab the brush into the shadow again (lightly), and sort of drag the color from the lines up

Once they are filled, blend into the penciled outter halves.


brush on some clear brow set. If you use a colored one, thats fine.

tada!! thats all.. they're not exactly the same. But I really don't mind, as my bangs partly cover my right brow. hahahaaha!!! lazy huh? its ok


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great tut! remember that your eyebrows are sisters and not twins! (they don't have to be identical) lol that's what my sister told me when i started getting my brows done


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I do my brows like this, too, but yours are so much prettier than mine! I think they look awesome in their before state, whereas mine look like crap.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your nails, too. They look so Springy.


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Thank you so much. I think I'll try this. It's easy and I have been trying to figure out how it get great brows for the longest.


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very nice...I wanna try to fill mine in a bit, but I need the right color, anyway, thanks for that tut mzreyes.


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wow I love this tut, I will be checking it out as often as it takes until I get my brows the way I like them. Yours are perfect!!!


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Originally Posted by ___Mon
They look gr8! Did you use an e/s or is it 'specially for brows?

yep, just regular mystery e/s


thanks so much for your tut! i've been wondering how people fill in their brows so beautifully. yours look great! i've also been trying to figure out which eyebrow crayon to use since i bought mystery e/s awhile ago. just ran out a couple of days ago and got spiked. so excited to go and practice! thanks again!


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Originally Posted by yummy411
great tut! remember that your eyebrows are sisters and not twins! (they don't have to be identical) lol that's what my sister told me when i started getting my brows done

My sister told me the exact same thing!!! LOL

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