Nail lacquer: Senegal (cream, Icon:Catherine Deneuve)


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Overall Rating: 5
Price: 5
Packaging Quality: 4.5
Would you buy this product again? Absolutely.

Similar to Vintage Vamp, but even better. Another member remarked that VV is thin and fairly difficult to apply, and in comparison to this, that is completely true. Actually, it kicks VV's butt in all aspects.

This is a rich, deep dark red that shows much more of the red than VV, even after 2 coats, a friend remarked that it looked very 1950s glam/vamp, and I'd have to agree. So far it's lasted over 2 weeks with no chipping. Such a gorgeous, classic colour - it'll never go out of style. I'm surprised people aren't talking about this shade more. I personally like that it has a lot less black than Vintage Vamp.