Naked Skin foundation match help?

Dani California

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Just thought I'd come in here as I need some help choosing which shade in the foundation I would be?

I'm having major trouble with foundations as is always the case this time of year. I'm pretty fair/pale. I have more pinky undertones. I used to use Prescriptives Traceless Level 1, which is the blue red undertones, and Camelia in the foundations. Other good matches have been Max factor Xperience weightless in Light Ivory. I'm not really a creamy ivory in their colours, as I find it too yellow. Light ivory is much more pinky. They have discontinued this grrrrrrr!

I'm having a lot of trouble as I'm finding the ones I'm trying are too yellow looking on my skin, for example, the new Max factor CC cream, which is meant to replace Xperience weightless, the fair shade is too yellow compared to my light ivory one and it just makes me look ill! Also sometimes a too pinky one looks weird or sunburny or chalky.

Ones I've had samples of that were reasonably successful were Smashbox Healthy FX in F0, which is neutral I think? and the Halo one in shade 1, which is pinky and looked nice on me. It looked like it was the right tone. I also have trouble with finding one pale enough and some pinky ones are quite dark on me.

Sorry for the loooooooooooooooong post, I just want to get it right!! Also am worried in case the shades are too yellowy :( I would be a 0.5 or a 1 I think. 0.5 looks spot on in terms of pinkyness but looks dark online next to shade 1. :/

Thank you for reading, any advice appreicated. xx


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Probably 0.5 or 1.0. I think 0.5 is more yellow undertoned and 1.0 is pinker. 2.0 will probably be too dark for you. If you were Smashbox Healthy FX in F0 you don't want to go past 1.0 in UD foundations because they are extremely yellow undertoned in my experience.

Dani California

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Thank you for replying :)

the girl at the counter matched me up to shade 2.0 last week, which looked really odd and yellowy on me. I was going to go back and try out 0.5 or 1.0 to see which is best. Whichever is lightest and most pinky toned :)

Dani California

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I did get 0.5, just because it was more pinky than yellowy. I do like it, seems very pale on at first though til it sort of adjusts to my skin tone, or rather my pinky tones seem to warm to it.

I'll see how I go with it. Also I can't seem to get it looking glowy like they do at the counters, I just put a tiny bit on and it looks matte, also too much might be bit pale, but perfect for mid winter when I do go very pale .

Dani California

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Just seen the reply! :)

Still having problems with the way it looks, it looks so flat and lifeless on me. I have tried several ways to apply it, with a stippling brush, with a damp stippling brush, with a Real Techniques Face Expert brush damp and dry, with my fingers, with a damp beauty sponge.

None of them give the glowy look that its meant to look like. Also I use a good moisturiser, REN sensitive one, and a bare minerals primer which never has this problem with any other foundation.

Any ideas for me? I thought maybe am I not using enough? I use one big full pump for my entire face, which seems enough to cover and everything.


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You have to bear in mind that in advertising, models are retouched to look like something they're not (and they're often wearing other products, like concealer, highligher, etc.), not to mention certain claims are often overhyped and some names of products can be misleading. (For example, NARS Sheer Glow foundation. Not sheer. Not glowy.) If you want the glow, you need a highlighting/luminizing product.


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I don't recognize any of the foundations you've mentioned, but I think 0.5 is going to be closest match.

but its worth trying a sample because the lighting in stores isn't as natural as they should be and can come across as your foundation looking lighter than it actually is..
and swatches online are nice, but are still a bit different in person..

I personally can't find a match in UD foundation. #2 is too dark, but #1 is too neutral.. its not an exact shade but lighter color of the #2..
so I use #2 as a base layer, and use something brighter for the center of my face

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