Names of UD shadows...


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Do any of the names of the UD shadows bother you? I have Snatch e/s in my SP palette. Not only do I hate the large chunks of glitter in this e/s that fell all over my face but the name makes me feel dirty lol

I just remember an old Latino friend of mine talking about dirty snatch all the time and I hear his voice every time I look at my Show Pony Palette.


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I actually really like the names. Really creative, plus, the name of your e/s really sticks to you if you know you have multiple colors that look the same ;)


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Names are funny. I think it must be fun to sit around and think up the names for makeup. Some are them are strange for sure, like UD snatch and MAC Chez Chez Lame where they don't accent the "e" so it looks like LAME.

It's the same with cat food (I have three cats) - the names are so cute, ex: Sea Captain's Choice. I'd love to get paid for doing something creative like that :)
Gash makes me giggle a bit.
The only one that really bothers me though, is UZI. It's nothing to do with the name, it's to do with the shudder I get when I think about that horrible chunky glitter mess that ends up all over my cheeks.... urgh....

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